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" Flat Earth” is an insidious poison which discredits the God of the Bible and his
true elohim. ALPHA Team will provide TRUTH on this matter, your free will
choice will determine if you will be counted w the TARES.  This is episode 1 of “Flat Earth is for Dummies” – but worse, “Flat Earth” establishes the Liars from the Truth
tellers.  All Liars go to hell!

Why is ALPHA Team involved with “Flat Earth” ?

“Flat Earth” is an insidious venom which first attributes it’s adherents as “Christians” and then makes them out to be absolute FOOLS.  The underlying agenda is – ALWAYS to defame YHVH (Christ Emmanuel) and the Supernatural Holy Scriptures.  If Christians are IDIOTS, then their testimony is questionable at best and the Bible must be of disputable origin.  Therefore, Jesus Christ is controversial because whomever he was, he has absolute MORONS following him!
The Professor

Titus 1:14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the

HiFi Audio is posted to the Professor Truth Sound Cloud page: “TruthwChrist”:

Rev. 12:7...   And there was war in heaven:
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his
angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

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El futuro que nadie vio venir (RISE Subtitulado)

Cortometraje RISE - David Karlak sobre el TRANSHUMANISMO. Trata sobre un futuro distópico donde el intento del hombre de crear inteligencia artificial se ha vuelto salvajemente fuera de control.

Pulsed Laser beams coming from Sun Simulator more proof of weaponized su...

Check out
Jeff P's videos.  Learn of the horrific weapons the Satanists who own this planet have put up all over the globe, to fry us to death with.  Make your peace with God because we have maybe a year or two maximum before we're all dead.  Those who are able to get out of this God-forsaken country may make it a little longer to th end, but this is
the end of the world, and nobody is getting raptured away.  Jesus will be returning  in less than 6 years.

It's been 17 years since 9/11, and people still don't know what happened.  Reason?
They really don't care.  The evidence is presented in great detail in Dr. Judy Wood's website, but people just don't care.  Meantime, the same weaspons that were used against the people in NYC on 9/11 (Directed Energy Weapons) that microwaved at least 1500 people to death, caused that many people to go flying out the windows to their deaths, making a foot deep of human mush -- well, we'd have jumped also, if we were being microwaved.   But after 17 years, people don't even know,
and don't care either.  We can just keep running off across the ocean to blow up more ancient countries, unarmed, civilized way more than we will ever be --

But meantime, those same Directed Energy Weapons used to turn huge monster buildings made of steel and concrete, full of desks and toilets and water tanks and file cabinets turned to dust in a few hours and blew away, leaving little to no debris
behind, except for the human mush from the 1500 people who jumped out of those
tall buildings.

After 17 years, people don't even know that it was seven buildings that went away on
9/11.  People think they are really in the know because they know it was more than 2 buildings.  But really people are too lazy and too hard-hearted and brain dead and lacking in curiousity over this most important event of the century -- too lazy and uncaring to even Google up and find out what happened.  It's right on our computers, takes 10 seconds to get into it and find out what happened.  Does anybody care?  Not at all.
Let's just keep blowing up more countries and killing more families, Christian and Muslim people, who are more ritheous than we are.  The anger against America by God -- it's not going to be a pretty sight when Ameraica gets judged into the dust.

The very same weapons used on 9/11 are now being used by the same greedy scumball Satanists who own this planet -- the same slimeballs are still in power, Guiliani and
more of those same murdering monsters who participated in the 9/11 caper against America and the entire world.

But we Americans are just as guilty for not bothering to even look into the evidence.  Dr. Judy Wood risked her life to get that evideance, to compile it, and put it up on the Internet, and to write the Text Where Did the Towers Go?   In fact, I have my doubts that she is even alive, but her "appearances" I think could be CGI.
If she is alive, she is in hiding, and I have yet to see her in a public appearance in several years.

The Satanic creeps who own this planet are using those Directed Energy Weapons on other people now -- right under our noses, just like they did on 9/11, right on TV.  And still getting away with destroying thousands of million dollar homes, turning them to dust just like they turned the 7 WTC buildings to dust on 9/11.  They get away with it, and claim it's 'forest fires' but it's no such thing at all.

They are using the DEWs again, dusting them off from 9/11, and who can say how many other uses they, the scumball Satanic killers who own this planet, have found
around the planet to get rid of the goyim they hate so much.  These satanists hate everyone who is not Jew, and they hate God too.

I think it's too bad that Dr. Wood is female.  She may be a PhD in materials forensics and a genius, but after all she's only a female, and why should anyone listen to a female tell us what happened, when all these brilliant men are around telling us something else instead?   Why even bother to listen to the lady at all?  She's only a stupid woman.  All women are stupid and need to be silent.  Women are only good for one thing -- and women need to shut up and do as they are told.

So wait until that directed energy beam comes down out of the skies and it chases us around and turns us to dust.  It will be too late then to take some time to see what happened on 9/11.  Or maybe Dr. Wood's website will be taken down.  WHo can say how long the truth will be up there staring us in the face, while we go merrily on our way blowing up the planet to please the Jews?

Judgment Day is coming to America for being such a cold-hearted, greedy, violent, murderous, heartless bunch of rotten people who think the world is just populated with
creatures who can be off'd like chickens in at Tyson's on harvest time.  Bible says, "Render to her double as she has rendered to others."   Double judgment.  And there won't be anything left of Ameraica when it's over -- just like there was nothing left of the World Trade Center when the Directed Energy Weapons were finished turning them to dust, along with all the desks, file cabinets, toilets, water tanks, and people inside the buildings.

Meantime, our own government is putting up more of those weapons in the air, over our heads, and yes they WILL use them on us.  We think we are safe from the people who murdered the people on 9/11, and later in the California fires.   People are still
believing that all those mansions in California made of stone burned up -- even
tho there were no trees burning at all.

But if the Jewish media says it was forest fires -- then that's what people will believe and nobody cares.
Since we don't care about anyone including our own Amaerican citizens, let alone innocent famlies who live way far across the ocean and have no weapons and no interest in what we're doing over here, and who are living happy and utopian lives where they are -- since we don't care then God doesn't care either.  God is done with Americans -- with lazy, selfish Americans, who have no humility, no thankfulness, and no regard for anyone, willing to build a case against their neighbor, against innocent
people, and to send American soldiers across the ocean to bomb and staff families away and leave their countries in ruins.   Then to have the nerve to blame American
lack of jobs and prosperity on "immigrants and refugees." 

God is done with America.  It's all over the scriptures, and you may not ever hear it from any pastors, but believe me the words are there, the warnings are horrific and frightening, but that's another thing is iwrong with Amaericans -- they hate God and they hate the Bible, and they LOVE DEATH.

This video is about the weapons that these monsters are putting up over our heads, and yes indeed they surely will and are going to use them on us.  Our day is coming.  Not only will our own government kill us gladly, but so will the rest of the planet love to see Ameraicans die--after all, did we care about them when we attacked and killed them, bulldozed them alive under the ground as tho they were chickens harvested at Tyson's?


There does appear to be a Sun Simulator (in addition to the real Sun)…. That is why during this summer it has seemed un-naturally HOT!  I am not sure anyone knows how much “TIME” we have left, especially considering that YHVH (Christ Emmanuel) can “translate” any of us onto another timeline/dimensional fractal, but for those who DO NOT OVERCOME (do not really love TRUTH), well 2 years to doom could be accurate, my own sense is 2024 (7 years from Sept 23rd, 2017) with a definite sign in 2023….  (maybe PX?), The Professor

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P1: Predestinación: ¿podría explicarnos por qué cree que la condición de nuestra vida aquí en la tierra está determinada por el crimen que cometimos antes de que fuéramos lanzados a la tierra?

A1: se basa en Theomaticas (las matemáticas de Dios) que se entiende como un AXIOMA (no una opinión o punto de vista, sino una VERDAD establecida). 

Nota: esta es una generalización, lo de ésta sinopsis o resumen de Caída Angelical  se aplica a aproximadamente al 85% de la población  (ish), almas de ángeles aquí debido a su rebeldía (rebelión angelical) de Apocalipsis 12 (razas mezcladas - mix multitude - con la sangre de Adán) – el 7.7% son "elohim" Ha Adam (no ángeles) otra especie diferente y 6.6% son  “Cizaña” "Tares" de la Serpiente (nacash), que no tienen redención. 

Theomatics son códigos sobrenaturales en los idiomas originales. Hebreo en el antiguo testamento y Griego en el nuevo testamento. Los códigos prueban que cada alma aquí ("alma viviente") se originó en el Reino celestial (celestrial) (algunos llaman cielo). 

Los códigos muestran que estamos  encarnados, esto es tomamos cuerpos de carne (no reencarnados, Hebreos 9:27) en un lugar del tiempo para una  oportunidad. Ahora aquí es donde hay algunas bifurcaciones en el camino. Enseño y defiendo la Identidad Cristiana,(Christian Identity "Plus") no es una religión o una denominación (demonization)  más,    estoy 100% seguro de que es el fundamento de la Biblia que NADIE CONOCE!! Muchos no está de acuerdo con Identidad Cristiana  (CI) ya que malinterpretan que es superioridad racial  el no ser caucásico "blanco". Esto se debe a que la mayoría de las personas no se toman el tiempo para estudiar realmente la PALABRA ... Identidad Cristiana (CI) es un estudio profundo de la PALABRA. 

Identidad Cristiana "Plus" (CI Plus) da un poco de esperanza y permite a aquellos "Templos" quienes no son directos linaje de sangre puros de Ha Adam por PATERNAL linaje cromosoma "Y" infusionar a la persona con el Código de Dios "God Code" dentro de 10 generaciones. Los llamo "almas de ángeles" " angels souls" con 9 "stones" (ADN espiritual).

Los Gen 2.7 son los Ha Adam,  con 12 "stones" (ADN espiritual) y están aquí para "Entrenamiento" / "Boot Camp Espiritual", ya que juzgaremos a los ángeles. Gen 1.26 y Gen 1.26 mezclados con las otras razas producen una compatibilidad de sangre con el Espíritu Santo,  si los linajes paternos (están dentro de 10 generaciones) si tienen un Gen 1.26 o Gen 2.7 Padre ... la vida está en la sangre y el padre proporciona el ADN para la sangre del niño, no la madre. La sangre de la madre nunca pasa o toca al  bebé. LA VIDA ESTÁ EN LA SANGRE (Life is in the blood). El padre pasa pues el  "código de Dios" al hijo (a). 
Al hablar de sangre NO es tipo de sangre, es tipo de sangre espiritual (Spiritual Kind). 4 Ríos del Edén (4 rivers of Eden) (ver imágen abajo de los diferentes tipos de linajes o diferentes tipos de sangre espiritual)..

La Escritura dice que es más difícil para un hombre rico entrar en el reino para que un camello pase por el ojo de la aguja ... Combinando este principio con Eph ch1 (Predestinación) y Rom 8.29 (Predestinación) ... muestra que Dios conocía de antemano a aquellos que le pertenecían: los Elegidos Y los ángeles de la rebelión. Dios determinó su camino (situación de vida) en función de su grado de rebeldía. La parábola del hijo pródigo es otra metáfora crítica para entender ... estaba muerto, pero ahora vive, estaba perdido, pero ahora se encuentra ... y regresó con su padre y sus hermanos (¡que no tenían que venir aquí!) ... 

Caída Angelical (Angelfall) se refiere a las almas de ángeles, es 100% correcta pero no 100% completa, Identidad Cristiana se refiere al "Trigo" y la "Cizaña" (Wheat and Tares). Identidad Cristiana (CI)  es 100% correcta pero no es 100% completa, deja de lado a los "otros" a las razas mixtas entre estos grupos. Si unimos Caída Angelical (Angelfall) con Identidad Cristiana (CI) tenemos el panorama completo! (The Big Picture!).

Pensé que querrías saber que el pastor Comparet, el maestro de Eli James, sostiene que "los otros" pueden ser salvos con vida eterna (deben amar a Yahweh y entender  Identidad Cristiana CI), no sólo vivir hasta que mueras...para tu información...estoy de acuerdo con Comparet, pero añado Caída Angelical (Angelfall) esa es la razón porqué lo creo!!

Si ALGUIEN  ama verdaderamente la VERDAD ... entonces tienen el CÓDIGO en ustedes para amar la VERDAD y ustedes son rescatables Y redimibles en cuanto al espíritu / alma que eran antes de la encarnación, ANGELFALL (entendiendo correctamente que incluye CI como una CLASE separada) es un AXIOMA (No discutible - un HECHO) los ángeles de arriba pueden regresar a su antiguo estado SI VENCEN (amor a la VERDAD de Identidad Cristiana (CI), ¡CI ES LA BIBLIA!. YHVH predestinó y puso CÓDIGO en vasijas (Templos)  - YHVH ya sabía  QUÉ TIPO eran ... recuerden que el alma / espíritu se coloca en el cuerpo DESPUÉS de la concepción (49 días después) .... YHVH selecciona el "alma" Fit "Extension" para cada "recipiente" que ha "nacido de ARRIBA" .... TODOS DEBEMOS TODAVÍA SUPERAR (OVERCOME)  ... ¡sin excepciones! - ¡Que así sea!
Profesor Truth

4 ríos de Edén
Tipos de "hombre"
1.- Los pre-adámicos, la Biblia los llama el hombre natural "natural man", el hombre natural NO entiende a Jesús o al Padre Yahweh, no es posible para él. 1 Corintos 2:14, Son  personas agradables, que no están bajo la maldición de Génesis ni bajo la maldición de Yahweh, ni bajo la maldición de la simiente de Adán, son pre adámicos. También NO tienen la simiente de la Serpiente (nacash) en ellos, no son perversos por naturaleza (evil by nature). Pero tampoco tienen la sangre (blood kind) para recibir al Espiritu Santo (Hoy Spirit) , por eso dice la palabra de Dios que el hombre natural no puede entender las cosas de Dios, no es posible. Así que no importa cuanto tiempo te lleves explicándoles o enseñándoles, no pueden entender o comprender las cosas profundas de Dios...
2.- Genesis 1:26. El primer Adan, muestra rojez en la cara (red in the face) aw-dam (to show red in the face, flush or turn rosy/ruddy). Proyecto original para el grupo 3 ("blue print"). Vasijas o templos para ángeles (host an angelic type).
3.- Genesis 2:7. Tiene un código adicional. Tiene el código para hospedar al Espíritu Santo. Es el "Real Sacerdocio", "luz del mundo"  1Pedro 2:9, prototipo final de Yahweh, caucásico. 100% de los Ha Adam son caucásicos con rojez en la cara, pero NO todos los caucásicos blancos son Ha Adam por las mezclas entre razas. No son ángeles, no son Hu-man, es la especie que Yahweh "sopló" "breath" aliento de vida en ésta, LE DIO UN CÓDIGO ADICIONAL, y aquí empezó la rebelión angelical de Apocalipsis 12, por no querer someterse los otros tipos angelicales a éste prototipo final, que se le dio señorío sobre las otras.
4.- Cizaña (Tare) es un Híbrido entre ángel caído (serafin - seraph) y humano (hu-man). Se miran como humanos, pero ellos son alien parasiticas especies hibridas (reptilianos) con intenciones malévolas. Cambian de forma para parecer humanos (shapeshift). No hay redención (salvación)  para ellos.

Todos estos 4 grupos se han mezclado dando lugar a un quinto grupo:
5.- Jesús los llama como "multitud mezclada" ("mix multitude") y dependiendo de dónde tienen su linaje paterno, especialmente con el grupo 3 ellos tienen la sangre de Adán, pero están mongrolizados, por lo tanto no podrán ser herederos, que la Biblia menciona como de "doble mente" ("doble minded") "inestables en sus caminos",  porque se tienen dos espíritus y puede hospedar el Espíritu Santo pero también un demonio o diablo o el espíritu de quien se hayas mezclado. Si tienen la sangre de Adán dentro de 10 generaciones podrán responder al Espíritu Santo en VERDAD (TRUTH), entonces tienen oportunidad redentora, o sea, regresar a su estado original. Apocalipsis 3:5. Responder a la VERDAD es la VERDAD y todo lo demás (o sea la mayoría o más bien todas las denominaciones). Tienes que "vencer" y vencer (overcome) es amar la VERDAD. La verdad es la PALABRA DE DIOS PROPIAMENTE TRADUCIDA!!
Identidad Cristiana solo se enfoca a el grupo 2 y 3, dejando fuera al grupo 1, 4 y 5.
Caída Angelical (Angelfall) NO incluye al grupo 1, 3 y 5.

Identidad Cristiana más Caída Angelical nos dan el amplio panorama (CI plus angelfall = THE BIG PICTURE!)

Thought you might want to know that Pastor Comparet, Eli’s teacher, hold that the “others” can be “saved” w eternal life (must love Yahweh/CI), not just live until you die…. Fyi…. I agree w Comparet, but add Angelfall as the reason why!

If somebody truly love TRUTH… then you have the CODE in you to love TRUTH and you are salvageable AND redeemable as to whatever spirit/soul you were before incarnation, ANGELFAL (correctly understood to include CI as a separate KIND) is an AXIOM (not debatable – a FACT) the angels from above can return to their former estate IF they OVERCOME (love CI TRUTH, CI IS the Bible!).  YHVH predestined and put CODE into vessels – YHVH already foreknowing WHAT KIND they were…remember the soul/spirit is placed into the body AFTER conception (49 days later)…. YHVH selects the “Fit Extension” “soul” for each “vessel” that has been “born from ABOVE”…. We ALL must still OVERCOME…no exceptions! - So be it!

Professor Truth

Are we all of “One Blood?”, Man-KINDS and Blood-LINES w Professor Truth

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