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Ex MK Ultra Revela su Experiencia Macabra en la Isla Plum

Una muy intensa entrevista con la ex-MK Ultra Jolene Jojo Seebacher la cual narra sus experiencas traumáticas y macabras y quien está acreditada como consejera espiritual y maestra especializada en ayuda para los Individuos Seleccionados (Targeted Individuals). Nacida con dones sobrenaturales Jolene JoJo Seebacher es también víctima de programación militar y de psyops trabajó en la farmacéutica Sandoz y con el gobierno militar como una visualizadora remota. Jolene es sobreviviente de abuso ritual satánico y de torturas horribles a través de su juventud. Fue espía durante la Guerra del Golfo. Jolene se especializa en defensa psíquica.

El Engaño de Obama


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La Tecnología del Anticristo

Tom Horn nos habla acerca de la escalofriante tecnología que se viene en el mundo, algo que tanto teólogos como transhumanistas alertan que será apocalíptico e impactante.

WW_Gospel of John ch14

Rev. 12:7... And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 

Professor Truth’s Channels

Banksters Versus the White Race

How the Jewish Banksters have staged wars and revolutions against the White Race since the French Revolution

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Basics for Understanding YHWH's Kingdom

Originally America was a White (Israelite) Christian Republic that had a President who would "preside" until He (Jesus) comes.

Are you a Christian new to "Israel Identity" basics? It is all about the taboo subject of Race. White Christian Americans have suffered over 50 years of intense brain washing teaching them that race mixing is normal and blessed by God and if you think otherwise you are a racist, Nazi, anti-Semite, etc…. Therefore, to read such a paper as this, it is such a shock to their mentality that most will, in a Pavlovic reaction, refuse to read further, or if they do read parts it, they will call it "Hate." There is a saying among those who know the Truth, and that is "Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth!" If you are a white man or woman, and have never read anything like this paper, it will be the most important paper you have ever read in your life to date.

A Synopsis of Ancient Scriptures Revealing
Yahweh’s American Kingdom
Through His Chosen Israel Race
100 Answered Questions and Insights
Compiled By
Samuel Marion
Tabernacles 2007
Updated: Tabernacles 2008
Ver. 8.5

Are you a Christian new to "Israel Identity" basics? It is all about the taboo subject of Race. White Christian Americans have suffered over 50 years of intense brain washing teaching them that race mixing is normal and blessed by God and if you think otherwise you are a racist, Nazi, anti-Semite, etc…. Therefore, to read such a paper as this, it is such a shock to their mentality that most will, in a Pavlovic reaction, refuse to read further, or if they do read parts it, they will call it "Hate." There is a saying among those who know the Truth, and that is "Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth!" If you are a white man or woman, and have never read anything like this paper, it will be the most important paper you have ever read in your life to date. The primary purpose of this paper is for People of the White Race with "ears to hear" to understandthe present and future implications of the RACIAL COVENANTS as recorded in the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts compiled into the book commonly known as the Holy Bible. It will be shown herein the Bible is not about "religion" or "church." 

The Bible is about a specific Race of People put on this planet to become a Nation and establish a Kingdom. The word Kingdom is a contraction of the words "King’s Dominion." That is to say this race of people is to establish a government for the rule of this planet Earth. This is the special purpose and mission of these Chosen People. You can not understand world history, the present, the future, or the Bible in general until you understand the Covenants of Race that the Most High Creator God, Yahweh is His Name, made with the specific race of People He created and chose for this task. This paper will deprogram erroneous racial concepts that have been promulgated for the last 100 years in churches, schools, and government institutions. Most of what you will read herein is totally opposite of what is taught in the schools and denominational churches today. You are forewarned. I challenge you to read this paper completely and prove any point wrong.

You have heard the phrase the "Gospel of the Kingdom." Now rephrase that to "The Gospel of His National Government." This is the true meaning of these words. Of course, not everyone will want to hear this and some are incapable of understanding these issues, but so it is written. We give only a brief overview here, a starting point for your own research and understanding that, if you be one YHWH’s People of the Sons of Israel that He has Called and you are willing to learn His Covenants, Law and Service, you might do your part in establishing His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

If you are any one else, this article is to give NOTICE of things to soon transpire. The only message I see in His Word in regards to all non-Adamic (non-white) immigrants to the White Christian Nations of Anglo Saxon Israel is to depart back to your own country to escape the judgments about to fall on both YHWH’s Israelite People and His enemies (wheat and tares) who dwell among them and elsewhere. Isaiah 13:14, Jer. 50:16. Your safety lies in not being "out of bounds." YHWH’s Kingdom Administration will ultimately encompass the whole earth and all nations with every race, nation, and culture living in their assigned place. Deut. 32:8. Yahweh will also implement a plan for the "mixed multitude" in America, but that is not covered in this edition.

The second objective of this paper is to help you discern the Racial Identity and pending Separation of The People of Israel of the Caucasian Race from all other races on this planet and specifically separation from those today called Jews who are not of the Israel Race, although they pretend to be. The Children of Israel are found today as the Anglo-
Saxon Germanic racial streams. In other words most of the White Race in North American and Europe are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel - mistakenly but intentionally called Gentiles in the current versions of the New Testament. The Laws of Yahweh given to Moses clearly state the Children of Israel are to be racially and politically separated, and to a certain degree, physically and socially separated from all the other races on this planet. These Commandments and Statutes are for all time. YHWH, the same yesterday, today, forever. The correct translation of the 6th or 7th 

Commandment (depending on what Bible version you are reading) is "Thou shalt not mongrelize." That is to say, "You shall not race mix." It is commonly translated "Thou shalt not commit adultery." The word "adultery" has been given various meanings and is used to hide the narrowest and correct meaning of the Hebrew (Masoretic) or Greek (Septuagint) word. However, the scientific evidence and language records now available, whether historical, archeological, linguistic, or etymological leave no doubt the correct English word should be "mongrelize" or "race mix" on this translation point.

When you learn your Biblical Racial Identity, you start learning who the other races are also. This paper will show that Jesus did not come to save all races or other so-called human beings on this planet. The Truth of the matter is not every "thing" walking and talking on this planet is a "human being" and the term "human being" is rather nebulous itself. The Scriptures and Jesus clearly teach that many of the beings on this planet are not "people" even though they may look like one. There are clear prophecies and Scriptures that Yahweh is going to annilate a few so-called races and species of "people" on this planet. On Judgment Day at the end of this age, He will start with the sinners of His Own people, the Sons of Israel. The present Christian teaching of "universal salvation to ALL" at the end of this age is a doctrine of error. It will be shown that the "Universalists," whether of the Identity Movement (Christian Identity, Kingdom Identity, or Israel Identity) or mainline Christian denominations, have been negligent in "rightly dividing" the original Hebrew and Greek text and word definitions. In many instances they are "wresting scripture" out of context to fit their own doctrines. This paper does not address what YHWH will do with the wicked of this age from the second resurrection onward. We are focused on the "here and now" aspects of our immediate time frame and near future. We do this by cutting through and exposing many translation errors and Edomite-Jewish word twisting in the present translations of the "Scriptures."

The third and last purpose of these 100 questions answered is for you true physical Israelites (by DNA) to "Know your Enemies." Somewhere way back in time, before the fall of Adam and Eve, there was a war in the Heavens between those who obeyed Yahweh the Creator’s natural laws and some rebellious "celestial beings" that decided to usurp His Laws and overthrow Yahweh the Creator. The leader of this rebellion and his followers were at some point confined to this planet and its immediate dimensions. Some of them evidently have meta-physical and multi-dimensional capabilities and a very high state of technology. The records show they came down to earth physically and then proceeded to corrupt YHWH’s creation including Yahweh’s own Adamic family bloodline / seedline with the beguiling (more correctly, seduction-impregnation) of Eve approximately 7500 years ago. This is when Genesis 2 Adam "fell," not when he was "formed". We do not know at how long Adam and Eve existed in a "Higher Estate" before their "fall" nor do we know how long the "created" pre-Adamic and not-Adamic races were on this planet before YHWH’s forming of Adam and Eve. Science and archeology conclusively prove ancient and advanced civilizations existed on earth prior to the Yahweh formed Adamic race being placed here. 

We do know the war that started in the heavens prior to Adam’s fall continues on the earth today and all indications are that it will soon climax with age ending destruction of the present Anti-MessiYah world order along with a number of condemned nations and racial groups of the seed line (DNA) of Satan. According to prophecy, this war, YHWH’s intervention, and the technology now being employed will dramatically restructure the face of the earth.

Our ultimate purpose is to give understanding of the Anglo-Saxon Israelite corporate organization as theBody of Christ and the Bride of Christ, two separate entities. When these two entities, the Bride and Groom, begin to function as One according to the "Due Order" of YHWH’s Word, this will begin the Manifestation of the racial Israelite Kingdom of Yahweh on Earth. We will show how they are to work together as a Husband and Wife, each with different functions, but taking care of one another and walking in His "Due Order." Yahweh’s Kingdom starts in the Israelite home and family, and then moves into the community (neighborhood), town, city, county, state, and the country(s) which our nation (race) occupies. 

Modern "church" and religious organizations have a confused concept of the bride and groom. This is because they (and you) have been "dumbed down" and do not rightly divide words or know the correct meaning to words anymore. YHWH’s Kingdom is a Patriarchal Nation and National Government! Our Race is our Nation, and it is governed by Rule of Law. YHWH’s Laws are "rules of action." The action is the application of His policy. YHWH’s Law sets policy and that make it political. He gave His policies to Moses and the racial Sons of Israel to establish and enforce on this planet. 

Law and legal issues is another stumbling stone for many so called "Believers." Most churches teach YHWH’s law is abolished, that God is all love and we are all under "grace" meaning you can do what you want, and other nonsense. Many secular and religious educational institutions promote a doctrine of "separation of church and state" as the constitutional intent of America’s founding fathers. We will examine and show the error of this doctrine and show what this so-called "separation of church and state" is in YHWH’s Kingdom.

General Comments, Conventions and Definitions
This is a "Racial Seedline Identity" dissertation and is repetitive of certain historical points.

The questions and answers set forth herein are "strong meat," and not "milk of the Word." This is written primarily to the "Called and Elect" of the White Anglo-Saxon -Germanic Race. This work is a synopsis of the compiled work of many Hebrew-Israelite researchers, Elders, and Ministers of YHWH. It has been drawn from many of the "old Scriptures" which are not included in the current 66 book King James Bible Version (the original KJV was 80 books as is the current Catholic "Douay Version"). 

This includes the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Covenant which was the Scripture in use in 30 AD and from which Jesus and the disciples quoted. The Septuagint is a Greek translation from the Paleo Hebrew Old Covenant books. Whenever there is a controversial passage in the King James Version, a more correct scriptural translation can usually be found in the English version of the Greek Septuagint. The reason for this is all English Bible translations, including the KJV are derived primarily from the Masoretic supplied text. This Late Hebrew language (1000 AD) version of the Old Covenants has a built-in Jewish (Edomite) bias that the Septuagint (265 BC) does not. Actually, bias is putting it politely. The Jewish scribes who created the Masoretic text (generally accepted as being compiled between 700-1000 AD) completely changed, shuffled pages and timelines, and removed (or inserted) some of the words, passages, and meanings of the original Hebrew text. The evidence of this is in the copies of the Greek Septuagint still in existence today and many of the quotes from the New Covenant by the apostles that are in the oldest manuscripts.

The Israelite translators of the original Paleo Hebrew into the Greek Septuagint made a true copy of what we call the Old Covenant. These are the Scripture Jesus and the disciples used and they were used for several hundred years AD by early Christians. The creation of the Greek Septuagint version of the original Hebrew text was commissioned by Ptolemy Philadelphus, the Greek king of Egypt at the time when Eleazer was High Priest of Judah, around 260 BC. The Septuagint was translated from the original Paleo-Hebrew text by 72 Judahite, Israelite, and Levite scribes (not racial Edomite-Jews). This special commission of scribes knew the importance of "getting it right" for future generations. Supposedly it only took them 72 days and they were all in agreement as to their Greek translation. 

The Greek language was then the common language of "the world" in that era. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and hundreds of other New Covenant scrolls and manuscripts in the last 100 years confirms the Masoretic text is extremely and deliberately corrupt. For example, in Cave 4 at Qumran, a very ancient Paleo-Hebrew copy of Jeremiah was found which agrees almost entirely with the Greek Septuagint version. It is very different from the modern day Hebrew Masoretic Text of Jeremiah. The oldest Old Covenant Books found with the Dead Sea Scrolls matches or nearly so the Septuagint text, but not the Masoretic. 

The oldest manuscripts known of the Apostles writings also reveal the Catholic Church and other translators have added text that is not found in these earliest writings. Since 95% of all Bibles today are still based on the Masoretic supplied manuscripts (Old and some New Covenant versions) with changes only in phraseology (political corrections) and style, the false insertions and errors remain, and thus wrong doctrines continue in the "Christian" faith. One last critical error that has plagued correct understanding of the racial message of the Word is most copyists who publish Bibles today skip over (ignore) Greek or Hebrew words that has definite racial application. Here are a few verses that modern translations have inserted that are not in the original letters but support some political position the church/government wanted to implement:

Where ever you see the word "brethren" in the New Covenant it strictly means "racial brother" as in "brother (or sister) of the womb."
Mark 16:9-20. Go ye unto all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature.
Not in any of the oldest manuscripts, and these verses do not appear until after 200 AD and then as a supplemental notations.

1 Jn 5:7-8. "Because there are three who testify in heaven: Father, Word and Holy Spirit; and these three are one; and there are three who testify on earth: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three are one." (1 John 5:7-8 KJV).
This is the so-called the "Trinity" verse. The Catholic Church inserts this verse during the 16th century to establish the Trinity doctrine. The words in italics in the added verse represent what is called the "Comma", (a short addition, or clause) or, the "Johannine Comma":

Luke 2:14, this verse should read, "Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth to men of good will." YHWH has no good will toward evil men, including Israelites.
Luke 23:34. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
This verse is NOT in any of the oldest Greek manuscripts; It only appears in the Jewish Masoretic copies of the New Covenant. Some commentators say the Greek can also be read, "Father forgive them not, for they know what they do." I suppose it depended on whether Jesus was looking at; 1. The Roman soldiers (some were Israelites) who had to witness the local Jewish-Edomite guard do the crucifixion, or, 2. The Jewish executioners - if anyone wants to claim validity to this insertion.

Rev 13:10. If anyone has an ear, let him hear. If to be captive, into captivity he goes, If anyone is to be killed by a sword, by a sword he will be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the Separated Ones.This is a better translation of the Greek.
More specific verses to be added soon.

Divinely Inspired: For future use.

Controversy: Some of the "100 Answered Questions" below will be as controversial as above and may seem brand new and "far out." However, it was felt they should be included for this day. If time and further research validates them, and we feel events are near showing this will be the case, then they are really millenniums old and our understanding is just opening and catching up with "before time," that is before the time of Adam and Eve’s fall from their Higher Estate, and history subsequent the fall. We are steadily working to harmonize ancient history and modern archeology discoveries and revelations of pre-Adamic and Adamic civilizations and synchronize it with what is recorded in the Bible and other "non-canonical" books of Adamic/Israelite racial history.

Conclusions: While reading this document please do not draw conclusions about individual points until you have read all 100. Much of it is written as "short lesson summaries" with built in redundancy of key points (line upon line, precept upon precept) so that one builds upon another. When you get to the 100th Answered Question, hopefully you will see the "Bigger Picture" which is the "prophetic vision" of the organizational process by which the Kingdom of YHWH will come to pass in the days ahead. This paper is only a glimpse of the Truths hidden in the Bible, the proverbial "tip of the iceberg."

Language: Language is an ever evolving form of communication and expression. This is why the spelling of a word may change over time. Some spelling variations maintain the same meaning; others are redefined in time by use or purpose. The purpose can be to hide the truth or clarify it. In compliance and fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:9 we seek correct translation of the old languages to a pure language with the correct definitions and context for today that we all may understand and serve Him in one accord. Lev 25:55. Definitions of key words are provided herein to open your understanding if you study the matter.

Other information, web links, and text articles are provided. Material in part for this work was drawn from the writings and research of Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, Col. William P. Gale, Richard Butler, Nord Davis, Clifton Emahiser, George Udvary, James Wickstrom, Martha Andrews, V. S. Herrell, Willie Martin, Arnold Murray, Arnold Kennedy, and Eli James to name a few. In most instances, information is inserted in toto without credit for brevity. Note: the listing of the men above does not imply they agree with every statement herein. In fact, many of these men disagreed with one another on various points. In future updated editions, links, citations, and footnotes of all sources will be provided. Draw your own conclusions based on your own research and the Word of Logic.

The term Old or Original Covenant(s) may be used for the misnamed Old Testament.
The term Renewed or New Covenant may be used for the misnamed New Testament.

Definitions: To understand what you are reading or hearing, you have to know the meaning(s) and definition(s) of words. The essence of logical reasoning which leads to understanding is precise definitions. Definitions have to be true to the thing defined. You also have to understand the context of what you are reading or hearing. The consequence of ignorance is wrong doctrine, wrong practice or both. Your conclusions will be faulty because your premise is inaccurate. To complicate matters, our enemies specialize in changing the meanings of words and then using them out of context. When they can’t change or hide the meaning, they will still use them out of context.

A perfect example is the statement: "The Jews are God’s Chosen People and Jesus was a Jew." This statement is repeated numerous times a day on TV and radio by the ignorant preachers and the enemy and millions of people believe it is true. It is a total lie! There are four, maybe five mistranslations (depending on how you read it) resulting in at least seven direct and indirect lies and/or false inferences in this one statement. Mistranslations with erroneous or misapplied definitions result in a geometrical progression of error where you become totally lost. As far a context goes, this saying has absolutely no contextual application to any reality in YHWH’s Kingdom other than it is a perfect example of enemy propaganda that may get you killed in the days ahead (if you believe it).

Key Words

Below are key words to help the reader understand YHWH’s Calling of RACE in the Bible. These words show the different types of mankind and other intelligent "beings" that are listed in the oldest Hebrew and Greek historical books, both canonical and secular. These will explain the different characteristics and classes of man, humans [persons] or people, Adamite and/or otherwise, including angels, demons, devils, giants, and beast of the field. The definitions are to help the reader understand the points made in this paper. Some of the definitions herein may contradict current popular lexicons, some of which were compiled over 100 years ago.

For example, Strong’s Concordance is still the primary Hebrew and Greek reference lexicon used today, and is considered the best. However, James Strong was a contemporary of Cyrus Scofield. Scofield was hired by YHWH’s enemies to do a Bible translation with "notes" to obscure the racial Israel Kingdom Identity Gospel of Yahweh’s Kingdom and "universalize" the Masoretic doctored translation of the Word of Yahweh. Scofield worked to blend all racial streams into Christianity by "spiritualizing" everyone and yet emphasize the "Jews" as "God’s Chosen People." James Strong prepared his concordance in the mid to late 1800's. He apparently based his lexicon upon the politically correct but misleading King James Version, which he took as an infallible standard. As already stated, the King James Version is based on the Masoretic Text. Furthermore, the KJV has over 23,000 word mistranslations of the Hebrew and Greek, most of which can be pointed out using Strong’s Concordance alone. 

Many of these mistranslations have to do with the correct names of Yahweh and the racial identification names of Israel and their enemies. While Strong’s is still considered the best printed reference work available, subsequent archaeological discoveries and language studies easily clarify the racially "fuzzy" definitions found in Strong’s Concordance and completely repudiate the universalism of the Scofield Bible and the subsequent Protestant theology built around them, e.g., the rapture theory, the myth of the Jews as God’s Chosen People, and "God loves everybody" theology.
Another popular authority used by Bible students is Vine's Expository. William E. Vine was born in 1873 and did his work during the Scofield revolution. Mr. Vine and other noted men did their work with the research material available in their day. Whether they knew of Israel’s Anglo racial identity or not, a close reading of their work shows the "seed line" threads. It cannot be hidden. We do know some scholars of that day identified the Caucasian race as the literal (DNA) blood descendants of the Children of Israel, but their works have been suppressed until now.

Using today’s Internet technology, you can type any of the following terms in Wikipedia or an Internet search engine and find a very broad perspective of how different researchers view and translate these words. But beware, the enemy is there daily working to muddy the water! Again, only by understanding that the Bible has some specific names, descriptions, and definitions for different angels, races, and ethnic groups of peoples will you be able to understand the Gospel of Yahweh’s Kingdom. However, there are certain generic words such as stranger, alien, sojourner, foreigner, and pilgrim that may mean Israelites or non-Israelite. This is why the true Israelite race and Christianity today is in total racial confusion. Context, time frame, location, word definitions, and physical relationship are the keys to sorting out if the stranger or alien is Israelite or not. There is as yet no current Bible translation, English or otherwise, with a consistent and correct rendering of any of these words.

The following Hebrew, Greek, and English Words used herein have the following definitions:

YHWH – Hebrew, Strong's #H3068. The consonant form of the name of Yahweh. Composed of the parts of the Hebrew verb "to be" and signifies "Self-Existent" outside of but inclusive of Time and Space. Sometimes spelled YHVH (Yahveh). The name Jehovah is considered incorrect by most research authorities.

Yahshua – aka Jesus. Yah-shua or Yah-Hoshua also spelled as Joshua. The Son/Seed of YHWH Who came in His Fathers name, Yah-Yahweh. He came as the Savior (shua), the Messiah (Anointed One of Yah) and Redeemer of Israel. Thus, our Saviour’s name contains the "I AM" part of His Fathers name Yahweh and the purpose of His Coming – to Save. His name says "I AM the Savior." The Greek form of Yahshua is Yehshua, more or less. Without going into a lengthy dissertation about the origin of the name of Jesus, some say it is the Anglicized form of Yehshua and others say that it is derived from the conjugation of two pagan gods, Ea and Zeus, pronounced Ezeus. When the letter "J" came into the English alphabet, it became Jesus. Use the Name your own research and reasoning leads you to use. Yahweh knows His own and He will direct your thoughts in the matter.

White Man. Hebrew word is Adawm. Strong’s #H119, 120: man who can blush, show blood in the face. Only those with Adamic blood have the ability to blush. The English Bible translates this word as "man" except when specifically referring to Adam and Eve.

Man or men. Hebrew word is Ish. Strong’s #H376 (ish or iysh): generic for a man and can refer to Adamites or at times non-adamites. (generally high degree, champion, steward (ship), husbandman). Translated as "man" in the Old Covenant (Testament).

Enosh. Hebrew word for man. Strong’s # H582 blood thirsty diverse, persons (any species). This is the primary word, and sometimes includes wicked Adamites. Translated as "man" in your Bible.

GerHebrew word usually translated as "Stranger" and in most cases means Adamic, one of the Hebrew Race. Strong’s # H1616; a guest, which some authorities say refers to others of the Hebrew genealogy; sometimes translated as "stranger" but not to mean "alien." Those Strangers in the Old Testament may often refer to Israelites who were resident among other nations (tribal and racial groups), living apart from the main body of Israel. There are several words translated as "strangers" in both Old and New Covenants, some being foreigners (not Hebrew) and some being Hebrew or Israelites. (This is an example of where knowing Bible history and the context are critical to determine correct racial genealogy.)

Mamzer. Hebrew word for bastard. Strong’s# H4464: to alienate; a mongrel, bastard. A mixed race person, of Israelite blood or otherwise. Translated as "bastard" in most English Bibles. YHWH says a mamzer (mixed race Israelite) can never enter the Congregation of YHWH. Deut. 23:2. The "Congregation of Yahweh" is the race of Israel only. The phrase "tenth generation" in the Hebrew implies forever. This means mamzer’s are NOT COUNTED in the racial census rolls (genealogy) of the Sons of Israel.

Nekar. Hebrew, Strong’s # H5236,: Noun. (Generally "not of my race") foreign, strange, non-relative, adulterous, outlandish (man from out or other lands, a different nation, race). Generally translated as or referring to "man" or "woman" in the Bible, but is sometimes used to refer to an Israelite.

Nokriy. Hebrew, Strong’s #5237: Adjective. Strange in a variety of degrees and applications. Can be used to refer to a non-Israelite or Israelite.

ZuwrHebrew, "for not of your race." Strong’s# H214: this term is used in a derogative way in general when referring to a man or woman (person committing adultery or adulterated); It is translated in your Bible as or referring to a "man" or "woman." It can be descriptive of an outcast Israelite. Analogy: white nigger.

Ereb. Hebrew. Strong’s# 6154: Slang for a mixed race person, mongrel. Similar to mamzer, but not necessarily a racially mixed Israelite.

Baal, Baals. Hebrew. Strong’s # 1167: A title ascribed to foreign deities as well as to anybody in position of authority. Can be translated as lord or master. Descriptive terms here are "man", master, babbler, chief man, dreamer, furious sworn persons, (those who by deceit rise to positions of authority and rule contrary to YHWH’s Laws). "Priest of Baal" was/is anyone who teaches contrary to the Laws of YHWH (Laws of Moses), even if they invoke the name of YHWH. Fits most preachers today.

Toshab or toshav. Heb. S# 8453: from 3427; a dweller (but not outlandish-5237); espec. as distinguished from a native citizen and a temporary inmate (H1616) or a mere lodger (H3885) resident alien: foreigner, inhabitant, sojourner, stranger. No specific racial connotation here, this word is sometimes used to refer to Hebrews or Israelites that are landless, wage earners, basically a temporary resident of where they are at that time.

Goy. Heb. S #1471: This Hebrew word is a generic for groups of people and/or nations. It is sometimes used to refer to Israelites (Joel 3:9) and other times to other racial nations (Isaiah 42:1; 62:2). It is often translated to "Gentiles" and you have to look at the subject matter and context of its usage to determine whether it is referring to Israelites or other races/nations. There are a number of English words used to translate "goy." Some English translations of the word are: nations, peoples, heathen, pagans, gentile.

Gentile. A Latin word originally meaning "not a Roman citizen." This word should not be in the Old Covenant or New Covenant. It is the word substituted originally by Jerome and then by later translators for "race, tribe, nation, peoples, and kindred." In the New Covenant it generally refers to the "Lost Tribes of Israel." This word is used to "mask" the racial nature of the Scriptures. Context critical.

Ethnos. Greek word #1484: Used in the New Testament; a race, a tribe, non-Jewish, by implication a pagan. Usually translated as Gentile(s). This is the root of the English word "ethnic" as in ethnic group. The "ethnics" that Paul and the disciples were sent to were the race (ethnos) of the lost (divorced, put away in punishment) sheep of Israel and ultimately any of the pure Adamic descendents of Eber, the father of the Hebrew race. This is why there is a New Covenant book called "Hebrews." Certain Hebrew racial streams (not Jews) can be grafted into the Israel race by marriage to an Israelite man and then into YHWH’s covenants by faith. This is because they are of S(h)emetic DNA (descendants of Shem).

Israel and Israelites. Name given to Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham by YHWH. It means "ruling with El," referring to YHWH Elohim, the El of Host. Jacob had 12 sons by 4 wives who became known as the House or Tribes of Israel. The names of these sons are Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, Asher, Levi, Dan, Naphtali, Ruben, Gad, Issachar, Zebulon and Joseph. Joseph’s twin son’s were adopted by Jacob and became separate tribes, Manassas and Ephraim. Thus at times, you may hear the phrase 12 tribes or 13 tribes of Israel. The White Nordic nations are the tribes of Israel scattered abroad today. James 1:1

Jew. Detailed definition given at Question 24. The word has four definitions in the Bible; race, religion, tribe, nationality. It is extremely critical to understand which meaning applies. You have to know the time frame, place, and the context to determine the correct definition. The English word "Jew" did not exist until the middle of the 18th century when the letter "J" was added to the English alphabet. Jesus was not a "Jew" nor are the "Jews" the children of Israel or the Chosen People of YHWH.

Israelitish. This word is used in several places in the Old Covenant to refer to individuals who are Israelite or are part Israelite; that is, mixed with another national group, Hebrew or otherwise. If the term "men" is used, it is not always clear whether they were considered as "Counted or Numbered" in the Israel census.

Mixed multitude. (Exodus 12:38) Another term used to describe racially mixed Israelites and non-Israelites who accompanied the Israelites as they journeyed from Ramses to Succoth, the first stage of the Exodus. These were probably non-Hebrew servants and other disaffected people who wanted to leave Egypt and the Exodus gave a good organized opportunity to do so in the middle of a national (evidently global) disaster caused by the Ten Plaques. The mixed multitude situation also happened on the return of the House of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin from Babylon (Nehemiah 13:3), A "mixed multitude" accompanied them until the Israelite Priests got around to reading the Law of YHWH, finding their genealogy, and then separating from them.

Esau / Edom / Idumean. Esau was Jacobs’s brother who married into the forbidden seedline of the Canaanites. The area of land he occupied was called Edom. In the Greek language, it is called Idumea and Edomites are called Idumeans such as King Herod. He was a descendant of Esau. These people call themselves Jews today. (However, many so-called Jews are Khazars of Khazaria, a Mongol group of people who adopted Judaism around 700 AD as their national religion and are now mixed among most nations around the earth. America has many of both breeds.)

Shem. Genesis 5:32, 6:10; 7:13; The eldest son of Noah and the origin and root of the word "Semite" or "Shemite." Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are of the line of Shem. The word Shem means "name" and it through Shem we have the Race of Israel and Jesus the Christ, King of Kings. The word has two applications today:
1.     It is used to describe the family of languages originating in Mesopotamia from the time of Noah. The present exclusion of the Hebrew language from being classified as a Semitic or Indo-Aryan language is totally artificial. The artificial separation of Hebrew from the other Aryan languages is based on the false idea that the Shemitic Hebrews were a non-Aryan (non-white) people.  This is not true. The Hebrews were Adamic Aryans of the line of Shem. Since academics have falsely associated Hebrew exclusively with the racial mixed Jewish people we see today, they have been unable to recognize where Hebrew fits into the Language Tree.  Hebrew is, in fact, the trunk of the tree.  Hebrew is much older than Phoenician, because the Phoenicians originated from the "Lost Ten Tribes," who had abandoned the Hebrew religion in favor of the religion of their neighbors, the Canaanites.  Although the Canaanites were a non-Shemitic people, they got at least part of their language from the Hamites, because Canaan was Ham's son.  Canaan moved away from his family of origin and joined the Kenites (descendants of Cain).  (Gen. 9:18; 10:6.)  The Egyptians spoke Hamito-Semitic, which is a dialect of Hebrew (the language spoken by Ham and Shem in Egypt).  This really couldn't be any simpler.  But the academics, confused and deceived by Jewish fables, and biased against the Bible record (because of the Masoretic tampering with the genealogical records and time lines), cannot identify the tree from which the forest sprung.
2.     Shem, as a name used to identify a number of racial streams of the Indo-European people of which the Anglo-Saxon Germanic people of the White Race are the racially purist line: This Semitic line is also called Caucasian because short sighted historians only trace this large identifiable block of white people back to their appearance in Europe as they came streaming out of the northern slopes of the Caucus mountains around 700 BC. One only has to cross the mountains and go back 100 years to see this is where the Assyrian Empire that conquered the 10 Tribes and most of Judah had transported their prisoners. With the fall of the Assyrian Empire, the tribes of Israel packed up and escaped their captivity northward according to the prophetic word of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. Thus, they eventually joined up with their brethren who had been settling the coastal area’s of Europe and the British Isles and elsewhere since before the Exodus (the family of Zerah-Judah had migrated to Ireland before Moses every led the Israelites out of Egypt).

Today, with most of the White Race ignorant historically, the Edomite Jews have appropriated the name of Shem inversely by calling anyone who speaks ill of the Jews as an Anti-Semite. This implies they are the true Semites which is another of their lies. There are several racial streams of people with Semitic DNA, and while the so-called Jews may have some Semitic blood, they are not the true Israelites. The ethnic source of the Jewish people (who are falsely identified with Shemitic Hebrews) is the Cainites, Kenites, Canaanites, Shelanites, and Edomites. For a Christian of the White Race who is actually an Israelite, to be called an anti-Semite is to imply he is against himself, which, if they don’t obey the racial laws of YHWH, they are.

Brethren, Brother. As a general rule, this word only refers to your racial brother or immediate tribal brethren, blood relationships as in Israelites or Hebrews. In the Greek the word "brother" means "brothers of the womb." The Word says to beware of "false brethren," that is those who may look like you but are not. Jacob and Esau were brothers, but because Esau married into Canaanites his descendants are now of no relation and are not brothers.

Beast(s) of the field. In both the OC and NC, this phrase can refer to four-legged dumb beast of burden, orthe "beast with hands and feet that can put on sack cloth, repent, cry mightily to YHWH, kill with weapons, eat flesh, be noisome, mate and communicate with Adam or other human kind." This phrase generally refers to the various Negro or aborigine races. Look at the context. We see that the beasts of Exodus 19:14-15 should not let their hands touch the mountain or they would die. Jeremiah, in Chapter 31 at verse 27, states that the sin of the last days will be that Adam's children will mix their seed with that of the beasts. Compare to "beast of the earth." Exodus 22:19 states that Israelites who have sexual relations with a beast are to be executed. It is and causes "confusion!"

Cainites. Also spelled Canaanites, Cainanites. Generally refers to the mixed descendants of Cain and any of the family tribal branches arising from him. This also includes the seed line Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah. Although the Canaanites were a non-Shemitic people, they got at least part of their language from the Hamites, because Canaan was Ham's son.  Canaan moved away from his family of origin and joined the Kenites (descendants of Cain).  (Gen. 9:18; 10:6.) This further mixed more of the bloodline of Adam with the fallen angel seedline that YHWH sought to destroy with the flood. (The flood of Noah’s day was not worldwide, but a regional event that destroyed the mixed Adamic race. Historical and archeological records clearly show that while the earth went through a cataclysmic time, other races and cultures survived and recorded the events of that day. According to the seedline doctrine originating at Genesis 3:13-15 and continuing to Revelations, Cain’s father was Satan and some of this seedline obviously survived the flood. Some of the descendants of Cain and Canaan are the people called "Jews" today. However, there blood (DNA) is mixed among many of the races in the world today. By their fruits shall you know them (and by genetic DNA testing in the days to come).

Elohim. One form of the Hebrew word usually translated as God. There are various forms and spellings of it, all with different meanings and contextual applications. Other forms of the word are: El, Eloah, El Elyon (spelling may vary). The context of these words in the Hebrew can be singular or plural, masculine or feminine and is also descriptive of the classes of beings we call "angels," both good and evil ones. Using the fuzzy word "God" obscures this and greatly limits a persons understanding.

Nephilim. Offspring of the "fallen angels" and the daughters of the Adamic race and descendants of Cain (and possibly other races). Ref. Genesis 6. Primarily, these are mixed offspring of the fallen elohim and the daughters of Eve.
Note: For those who have a hard time accepting the fact that Satan seduced Eve, here we have record of those angels (called or referred to as elohim in the Hebrew) who were thrown down/out of the higher realms along with Satan and then mongrelizing with the human race. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the patriarch Enoch, and about all other ancient texts give graphic accounts of these ‘beings." Almost every ancient race and culture has its legends of fallen beings and their mongrel offspring who were "giants on the earth." Legend and history state that when food ran low, these hybrids would eat people. Jack and the Beanstalk is an English tale of cannibalistic giants that lived in the sky (maybe space ship & UFO’s). YHWH’s objective in flooding parts of the earth in Noah’s day was to destroy these giants and other corrupt seed lines. However, there is ample evidence and Biblical record that a remnant of giants and the satanic seedline survived the flood (see Goliath) and their DNA is still walking, talking, and killing Adam-kind today. Thus many our current problems!

Devils, Demons and Evil Spirits. In short, fallen angels. Those of the various English words for orders or hierarchy’s of above elohim that rebelled against YHWH and were thrown out of the higher dimensions down to earth and its immediate etheric or astral planes. In the common vernacular of today some of them inhabit the "spiritual plane" or "astral planes" around us and are able to impinge on our minds mentally and our bodies physically. Some refer to this as demon possession. However, they are also incarnated in physical bodies through the descendants of Satan and other fallen angels referred to in Genesis Chapter 6. Jesus cast demon spirits out of people on one hand and called the Edomite/Shelanite Jews physical offspring the children of the Devil on the other. He meant it literally. John 8:44, 1 John 3:12.
Christians have a two front war, spiritual (mental) and physical. If "they" control your mind, they control your body!

Angels – The good kind. Celestial beings, higher orders of Elohim that serve Yahweh, aid Yahweh’s people Israel, and war with Satan and his host both in the spiritual and physical realms around us. The record and evidence tells us they can travel between the physical and heavenly realms, have very high technology on the material level of things, and will be instrumental in the days ahead as Israel "awakens" and begins to establish Yahweh’s Kingdom (due order) on this planet. It appears they will come to our aid in the so-called battle of Armageddon. It is recorded in Revelations, that when John fell to worship the angel speaking to him, the angel said, "Do it not, for I am of thy brethren!" The word "brethren" here means "racial brother" or "brother of the womb." Selah.

People and persons. There is generally a very distinct difference between "people" and "persons" in the Hebrew language of the scripture. Yahweh refers to Israel as "His People" only. He is no respecter of "persons" but He does have respect to (as to watch over, shepherd) "His People." The early American organic Law was made very clear in these "united states of America" concerning the difference between "P/people" and "persons." The "persons" are "subject to" and have no rights, only privileges. "We the People" are the original White "Sovereign Body Politic" invested with the in/unalienable rights (rights/duties not lien able). The "person(s)" (example, as in 14th Amendment federal citizens, i.e., the "subject body politic") only have privileges and immunities. Through licensing these "persons" are PRIVILEGED to break the (Divine) law with IMMUNITIY from prosecution by enosh and nephilim type persons who have crept in authority positions and passed "statutes" making legal what YHWH says is not lawful. Thereby, Baal priests aided by Jewish financial aid and media have brain-washed the true Israelites into believing "God loves everybody" and mongrelizing is not sin.

Plant and Animal Symbolism. Wheat and tares, sheep and goats, wolves, snakes, serpents, good fish and bad fish, and the separation thereof. The Scribes and Prophets of YHWH use plant and animal representations of the various races and Seedline (DNA) groups and their characteristics throughout the historical record. This is not taught today and results in confusion of understanding and miscegenation. Many Christian preachers use these plant and animal terms. They err in trying to "spiritualize" the lesson or moral of the story. The truth is lost because they have nullified the actual or allegorical meanings of the term. You are told a "tare" can become a "spiritual grain of wheat" or that a "wolf" can become a sheep by just "accepting and believing in Jesus." This is a lie, the mark of the unlearned, a victim of double think, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Word says "a leopard can’t change its spots!" Most modern church congregations today are Babylon, full of wolves, tares, and serpents who false or misguided "preachers" are calling "Spiritual Israel" because these creatures accept a Jesus who allegedly loves everybody. Jesus specifically stated to whom He was sent (the lost sheep of the nations of Israel) and why He spoke in parables to the mixed multitude. On His return He is going to separate the present race-mixed mess out as in separating the wheat and the tares and the sheep and the goats. This is strictly a physical action! The Word says each racial and cultural group will return to their own land for fear of the sword. Isaiah 13:14; Jeremiah 50:16, 51:9; Psalm 10:16. He is coming back with a sword… not a love everybody attitude.

Church. Understanding what the church is and what the correct word (Ekklesia) is today is paramount to understanding the organization of YHWH’s Israel Kingdom on earth. In earlier writings, I stated the word "church" should be discarded. This is because it is not the correct translation of the Greek word "ekklesia" or "ecclesia." Furthermore, it does not even translate back into the Greek language used in the early centuries of Christianity. Until 500 years ago, there was no Greek word for the Anglo-Saxon-European variants of the word "church." That being the case, how can you understand of what type of organization Jesus meant for His disciples and people to build or rebuild? You can’t because in no wise does the definition of church come even close to the meanings and applications of the word ekklesia, especially when viewed through the law and organizational precepts of Israel under Moses or King David. For the last 1700 years the Catholic Church and for almost 500 years the Protestant denominations have created false doctrines and counterfeit organizations and empires built on this mistranslation and misunderstanding.

The English word "church" has various meanings. Webster gives the following definitions for the word church.
1. a building for public Christian worship.
2. a religious service in such a building.
3. (sometimes cap.) a. the world body of Christian believers; Christendom. b. any major division of his body; a Christian denomination.
4. a Christian congregation.
5. organized religion as distinguished from the state.
6. (cap) a. The Christian before the reformation. b. the Roman Catholic Church.
7. the profession of an ecclesiastic -V.C.
8. to perform a church service of thanksgiving for (a woman after child birth). [Go RI(a)on (DOA) the Lord's house).(1)
No where do we see the definition as "a body or assembly of Israelites according to Law" carrying out the mandates of "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven…" (This will be discussed under the term Ekklesia.)

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