jueves, 13 de abril de 2017


 I know many struggle w what I send...but it is all true and supported by Scripture... 
 This video below is SICK

I am aware of this sick Reptilian parasites among us...  I have been warning people for years – I have Christian friends who lived in Jewrusalem (and were forced out of their homes in 1948, many shot on sight) and it was well known not to walk the Jewish streets as they would eat your children....  I have been to Palestine (Jewrusalem) and I also was shot at and witnessed snipers shooting Palestinian Christians coming out of Church on Sunday – I saw 8 year old boys w bullet holes in their bellies and I have all this on film.   I am not saying all Palestinians are good and all Jews are bad but in America defiled we are only told lies....  I also have seen Palestinian Muslims doing good for their neighbors and me...and “Jews” also who were very cordial and nice...  They do not all have Serpent Seed blood but the MAJORITY DO!

The Majority (not all – but a Majority) are Serpent Seed Lizards serving Lucifer....  Lizards like live mammals for food!

Here is a download of this Video for those who keep for research purposes – Satanic Jews steal WHITE Christians and eat them:

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