jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Poem by Randy Conway

I don’t know much about politics or what this administration might or might not do
I don’t know much about geo-engineering or why the sky suddenly isn’t quite as blue
I don’t know much about Trans-Humanism or what’s in their DNA stew
And I don’t know for sure if someday robots will rise and the world will rule.

I don’t know much about mind control or if the guy next door is manipulated
I don’t know much about shadow governments or what for our future they have slated
I don’t know much about the economy--will it fail, be stagnated or become hyper-inflated?
And I don’t know much about medicine or how many vaccines and drugs are contaminated.

I don’t know a lot about Fallen Angel technologies or those who seek its power
I don’t know for sure if the Large Haydron Collider is the next generation of Nimrod’s Tower
I don’t know a lot of theology or eschatology; are we in the final age, the final days or final hours?
And I don’t know a lot about astronomy; could the earth be the target for a destructive meteor shower?

I don’t know much about electronics or if Big Brother listens to my every conversation
I don’t know a lot about Antarctica, if there are secrets there or just a weather station
I can’t explain dimensions, the Divine Council or the mysteries of creation
I can’t unravel the Babylon Code or the abomination that brings desolation.

I haven’t studied military planning or when we’ll engage in World War Three
I don’t know why the earth is cracking or how poisoned are the seas
I’ve not seen the Watchers or the giants but I don’t have to see in order to believe
I haven’t studied physiology but it seems to me most people are deceived.

I don’t know about tomorrow, if it should be anticipated or should be feared
I never heard the strange sounds reported that other people hear
But what I know is that whatever comes, my Savior promised He is always near
His promises are not confusing and His love for me is clear.

I know these things all exist, are true and they are real
I know that these are facts and not beliefs or how one feels
I know tomorrow many things will come our way and we must stand as steel
And I know no one can really stand against tomorrow, rather we must kneel.

I know that God the Father sent His Son so that I might be redeemed
And the future that He has planned for me is more than I could dream
I know that I can trust in Him no matter how life seems
And above Him is no other, He is Transcendent and Supreme.

I may not have great knowledge that is envied, lofty or grand
But there is an old song I know and its lyrics state my stand
“Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow and I know He holds my hand.”

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