domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

DNA Mark Of The Beast & Project Blue Beam w/ANTHONY PATCH

Well listen to this interview by Anthony Patch on the Mark of the Beast or Triple Helix.
I spoke w Pastor Hoggard in 2001 about the Triple Helix – again I got my info from the Holy Spirit.  One must understand Lucifer’s world is a Flesh n Blood 3D world....   God’s Creation has 12 strands of unseen angel code arranged in groups of 4 or 3 sets of 4 strands....  To counterfeit something in our world it is a “MIRROR” and has the reverse spin of the Father’s design...more on that later.

I told Mike Hoggard that the Nephilim had a Triple Helix... almost 15 years ago....

In any Case this is Resurrection Sunday!   Praise Jesus Christ...  it is 3AM here and I need to get ready for a Video Skype w brother John TODAY on the Resurrection – the most important thing EVER...

The Professor

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