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Henry Gruver After Death Trip Through Outer Space Part 3

Henry Gruver passed away in an accident and he was outer space. He saw many planets, ALL spherical (min. 28 and 32).

I want to be careful saying anything against Henry Gruver – but why wear a Knights of Malta Pin on your suit lapel!!!   I notice things like that...   I am not doubting God is using him....  but that lapel pin is a swastika lapel of the Knights of Malta...in PLAIN VIEW!  It reminds me of Trump...bait n switch...  or all Dispensationalists act like a Christian and add LIES to the mix....(The folks wearing Black routinely)    This pin even has the Vesica of the - As Above So Below Freemasons/illuminati....  DSP is a serious infection – Gruver is INFECTED...as is Quayle...Only God knows willful ignorance or innocently deceived?  STUPORIZED

Well Henry is not a reliable source wearing that pin.  That would mean he was out of body and only a devil or Truly an Angel of God could escort him....  That lapel pin is a BIG Yellow Caution Flag to me.   Carolyn would know about the silver cord, and Red Elk taught me much about astral travel also.  COL SC and someone else you know have been out there and that testimony is 1st hand eye witness and in the body! 

Professor Truth

QUESTION: I do question his Knights of Malta badge.
Swastika, now the " Khazarian/Jew, Talmud Satanists " or seed of Cain, have TAUGHT us to HATE the swastika. Remember that THEY teach us the opposite of GOOD?
The swastika then HAS to be a part of Adamic history. Was it used when good fought bad like Henry used it? The Satanists HATE the swastika so much, they did atrocities using that symbol to make us HATE it, because Adamic warriors fought against THEM using that symbol originally?
Maybe someone needs to get to the truth about it.... but I am suspicious of the mind control of the masses about the swastika. (I used to practice drawing it when I was a child and it never bothered me).

PT´S ANSWER: That is a good point – I will ask if the Swastika was once a symbol of righteousness then defiled... could be....I even think I remember reading something on this somewhere now that you mention it.  Germany was Judah (Not Jews)... and is a Primary Target...   I do want to state I am in no way saying Hitler was anything but a Serpent Seed...   but even Hitler’s history is taught erroneously – David Irving, a friend of mine whom I have filmed, has many books and was imprisoned for even questioning the FAKE NEWS on Hitler... but I KNOW Hitler’s Paternal Father was a SS-J.

According to Pastor Eli this early 1st century “fish” logo had the name of Jesus in it – They defiled it with the Vesica which Henry is wearing....

– The Northern India Tribes were Hebrew – Ghandi was a Hebrew – they had white skin (I think they called them Brahman? - from Abraham men) – I suspect it was once a Hebrew symbol – India has a Cast system based on this difference in KNOWING who the Northern Indian Tribes are/were.  I am sure racial mixing has now homogenized them.  Our web browsers say Jew of course....   when the word Jew did not even exist then!

Note in the map of Hebrew Migration it goes through Iraq/Afghanistan and into India!  (Syria also)... is there an agenda to eradicate the blood of Adam!  Nineva was THE FIRST PLACE BOMBED in the Persian Gulf War - !!!  Look at the Map!  Also this would answer your question on Asians having “Adam’s Blood” we discussed...some do!   AGAIN they are still angel spirits and NOT Elohim... and Mixed but they can respond to the Holy Spirit if the Adamic Paternal Lineage is valid.

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