martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Elecciones 2016 en Estados Unidos de América.

 (CR Noticias - Nov 7, 2016— Sur de California) El martes 08 de noviembre, 2016, el destino y futuro de los siguientes 25 años en el mundo libre se define cuando el Pueblo americano, indocumentados, extranjeros y muertos incluidos, votarán en una de las elecciones más corruptas y cuestionadas en la historia de lo que alguna vez fue la nación más grande sobre la tierra, Los Estados Unidos de América. Ahora, en medio de los escándalos más grandes exponiendo los crímenes de la Elite Mundial, Alex Backman comparte ésta investigación especial de tres horas para Conciencia Radio Periodismo e Investigación. Lo que se expone no es apto para todas las edades pero es la verdad sobre los candidatos Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton. En medio de alertas y amenazas ‘miedorristas’ creadas y financiadas por Qatar, Saudi Arabia, principales creadores y financieros del MIEDORRISMO INTERNACIONAL junto con las Elites “Iluminados”, la Cabala Obscura. Es el momento de retirar el telón y ver qué hacen aquellos que se llaman gobernantes del pueblo estadounidense.

Well I can understand that Trump has exposed this wicked and adulterous Nation – once Holy now defiled.  And FOR THE REASONS you state – get people to see there is Good and Evil – I understand.

BUT – if people think anything will change- or do not realize the extreme depravity in which THEY HAVE ALLOWED over the last 100 years…and THERE IS NO RETURN ONLY JUDGEMENT…

That is my point – Make America Great Again sounds nice… but is A LIE – America will NEVER Be Great ever since we destroyed the Flag of Jacob and bow to the serpent seed Jews/// NEVER… 

So what is the point!

The Remnant needs to come out of Dispensationalism – Know the Caucasians are Israel…stop believing in Universalism and repent …and ON AN INDIVIDUAL basis… God may keep them from Hos wrath…. 

People love the Lie… and a Satanic Ritual will only make it worse…   I am just disappointed in myself for getting caught up in all this diversion and waste of time…  This time next year most will be in Hell – praise God…they get what they deserve…. And I will rejoice… This is the NON Compassionate Sand Shark…  let evil and all those who love not the Truth (including 99% of Christians) get what they want … the society reflects the people…spineless…clueless and self-centered….

Father Kill Them All – let me have that assignment – I won’t let you down – every man woman and child and animal who you have not called or who hates Truth…choose me Lord!

If you vote at all you have at least one foot in the world… are we to entertain satanic systems of orchestration!

Why Vote – Give me one reason based on Scripture…. 

To me whoever votes is of the world…and is clueless…  likely hopeless… but only God knows…

You either believe God controls everything with or without you – or you pridefully or worse in a panic – do not Trust God in this!

1.        I am on record for 15 years saying Hillary would be the LAST president.  Her name is a code, and a woman shall ride the Beast.
2.       I am on record saying Donald Trump fulfills 1Cor 15.52.  NOT as a prediction of him winning a “Establishment” agenda, but to expose the extreme depravity that America has FALLEN – as OT Israel fell also.  That was Trump’s role, and the entire world has heard the word and Name “TRUMP”… never again. The Last Trump!
3.       I repent for getting caught up in the emotions of friends, family and others… I must walk alone… when Trey Smith (a hooked nose “Jew”, and others of the DSP (Dispensational persuasion) were all Trumpeting Trump – I should have run away as fast as possible.  Wherever the HERD goes – I go the opposite direction!   I WILL NOT be voting…as it proves NOTHING and only deludes those likely dammed thinking we live as people in a republic…we do not!  We live a slaves to a Reptilian overlord caste structure who farms us a cattle.  You were born in prison so you do not even know what is outside the walls!...  The Election is part of the Matrix – a TOTAL illusion… Hillary will win, and the only reason she did not win last time was the “Establishment” wanted to send her a message.  At this level of evil they are not united…they hate each other and are vying for power.
4.       I am so disappointed in the so called Christians – I will promote my gifts on the internet as long as it is up… and I do not think it is going anywhere… we have been so herded into so many directions….   There are so many I have lost total respect for….   YOU JUST DON’T GET IT…you are blind, deaf and dumb…  I have no time for the deceived anymore…and if you have not noticed the time for repentance and revival past you 7 years ago…Now is to proclaim the Christ Jesus as the Lion who takes no prisoners… 

I must always get back to the foundational precepts:

Life is the Illusion
God is in control
We are to HATE this world and ALL the secular rules, systems, and forced behaviors…  BIG ONE

And we are to think ONLY on things above and NOT of this world….

So back to the point, I will not vote – I also will not tell you what to do – but they are playing us like stupid Sheeple – recall Col. SC and I saw a list in the 1970s which had every president for the next 30 years and they all came true! Nothing has changed! Hillary will win – and if Trump wins it too was intended both by God and and the establishment and dominion of Lucifer which controls all those not quickened by the Spirit of the Holy Spirit.

I should have followed my own rules, whatever the majority and the herd is pursuing I turn 180° the opposite direction. In the spiritual America is kingdom of my people, however in the dominion of the devils America is the land of the plumed serpent. Israel is the little horn in America is the bighorn in prophecy, in their fallen and defiled state. People are clamoring as they did in the days of Noah for life in the flesh to continue at any cost. I pray that life in the flesh is judged with the most harsh judgment God could ever bring upon a wicked and adulterous nation, and I have absolutely no compassion for those who oppose Jesus Christ and come against his elect.

Let me just say this – in the matrix of illusion what really is an election? Is it not also an illusion and deception orchestrated by those who have bowed their knee to Lucifer? So if you participate in this ritualistic ceremony for the dead, blind, deaf, and hell bound majority, are you not partaking in the sins of carnality?

One either believes the Bible or they do not. If you believe the Bible and actually have read it at least one time which leaves out about 99% of the global population, then God is in control of absolutely everything including the selection even if nobody shows up.

I apologize for getting away from my calling and trying to appease the devils who persuade me by portraying such sweet and soft talking feminine and emotional family members yet are wolves and devils in carnality and fornication, I apologize for slipping and losing my focus on the prize – but this was a really good thing for now the sand shark is really mad!

Let me repeat what I have always said – Trump was never intended to win a demonic position in the establishment – however the entire world now has awareness of the name Donald Trump – Scripture says at the last Trump and Professor Truth was the first one to bring this to everybody’s attention before all of the Trey Smith’s and others started talking about it. Donald Trumps purpose was only to expose the vile demonic and expensive depravity and evil of the Tares and the extensiveness of their infiltration in the end of the end times which are now seconds to midnight. I suggest everybody read Romans chapter 1 verse 20, mankind will be without excuse after Donald Trump!

I will be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove, with absolutely no compromise to the precepts and teachings and calling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let the children of darkness arise and may God allow me to be assigned to destroy them all and send them to eternal hell in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of his shed blood on the cross, amen
Professor Truth

1Cor. 15:51   Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,  52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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