jueves, 29 de marzo de 2018

SEPARATE VESSELS by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

Tonight we are talking about separate vessels, we think this is an important subject because there is many conditions and environments with different people, and it seems to be affecting the lives of different people, and people follow leadership sometimes that they do not understand. The question arises in the mind sometimes of the uninformed Christian---how long will God put up with this kind of betrayal that great Christian nations are receiving from people in positions of authority. Or of leadership that acts like a Judas goat leading the people of God's kingdom in many instances down the road to betrayal. 

The answer is very clearly outlined inside the scripture. For there is nothing taking place upon the earth that is not known to our father. He is not only the Eternal God and possesses these capacities of Omniscience but he knows the strategy and the patterns of the enemy, and he also knows the areas in which they carry out their function. In trying to gain those whom they use for a front for their programs. Lucifer has always been a super deceiver. And on the world horizon he operated as a deceiver. He even thought to introduce himself as having more power and more wisdom than God. With the seduction of Eve it was never what did God say it was never mind that this is what I say. But in these instances he had to be persuasive for he had to introduce the first areas of the fall which affected our race.
READ MORE: https://swift.christogenea.org/articles/separate-vessels-4-27-63

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