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Genesis 1 & 2, by Pastor Eli James

Excerpts from the original article

Beast of the earth or beast of the field are Non Whites (they have hands!), Biped of another race, only White race is represented in Gen 1:26 - 27.
Chay: includes both, White and Non White hominids,  all races are chay= living criature.
God took Adam from the preadamic White race and breath life in his nostrils, later He took Eve from
the preadamic Whites also and made the same as with Adam (change their DNA) to be potentially inmortals.
Beast of the field were living also in the garden of Eden, but God forbidden mix race with them (tree of knowledge and evil).
God CREATE in Genesis 1:24-25 the pre adamic races, non WhitesGenesis 1:26-27 Adamites,  the pre adamic White race (Cro-Magnon) where God took Adam and Eve eones after this age to FORMED THEM in Genesis 2:7= breath of life , (changed their DNA), in Gen 1:26 ONLY Adamkind was made in the image and likeness of Elohim (God)

God FORMED Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:7
Beast of the field and the other races ALL were CREATED by God Himself.

Note:  The more n more I study Pastor Eli James work, the more I am converging close to his masterful Teachings on Christian Identity.  The One Area where we may say things in slightlt a different way is on what exactly are the unambiguous and measurable (to God) attributes that distinguish a Pre-Destined Son of God besides “Flesh” DNA.  Scripture states Flesh n Blood shall not enter the kingdom of God… BUT for any THINKING person, we knopw our TEMPLE must be a “fit extension” for the “KIND” of Spirit or spirit to “Host”, Lord of Hosts”.

It does appear that FEW are redeemed and 100% of all redeemed must have been Born FROM ABOVE!!! In the first place, Christian Identity is NOT a “Religion” or denomination (demonization) -  CI is the way things really are – the actual definition of TRUTH.  Having said that, I call myself CI “Plus”.  Until I hear or understand otherwise, the “angels” were FROM ABOVE “CREATED” (not Begotten) on “Yoms” 1-6, and those in the rebellion of Rev 12, were incarnated here.  They were the Pre-Adamic “ISH”, to become part of the already Pre-Adamic “Chey” here from previous habitation from the times of Atlantis and before.

On the 8th day (Yom) God MADE Ha Adam and Eve (Gen 2.7) from the “adam” KIND, of Gen 1.26-27.  This was NOT a Hue-man (man of color), but a “Son of God” (Ha Adam”, intended to rule over the pre-existing Garden of Eden a non-defiled sanctified place on a heavenly Earth at that time.  When I say heavenly – I mean a dimensional realm that is not our current 3D level of hell – but likely a 5D origin (13 dimensions).

Finally, Ha Adam and Eve fell the FIRST TIME from their “Glorified Bodies” Shekinah Glory (Light bodies), into 3D space/earth, and THEN Eve was beguiled (Seduced) by a Nachase w the blood and SPIRIT of Lucifer to produce CAIN and the current “Illuminati Bloodlines” – and “Alien Hybrid race – CAIN was the first TARE…. He had the “Mold” of the Ha Adam” but the blood of Lucifer”.  Thus the SEED wars and Two Seedline Theology was perpetuated on earth (Gen 3.15) as it had been in heaven (Rev 12).

So CI Plus allows for those “Temples” who are not directly from Ha Adamic lineage to have bred into the Ha Adamic “Bloodlines” by PATERNAL “Y” chromosome “God Code” infusion….   Within’ 10 generations.  I call these “angel souls” the Ha Adam have 12 stones (codes ) the angel souls (including Lucifer have 9 stones and SHOULD NEVER BE TEACHERS of God’s Holy WORD.  But sadly 99% of all demonizations are 9 stone angel souls of double-minded (dual nature/spirit) conception.  A common trait in the deceivers of 9 stone demonizations is their denial of Serpent Seed and Pre-Adamic Man, or at least a refusal to acknowledge such openly…what are they afraid of?  Their god?

The Professor

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