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Zen García and Professor Truth - The Great Contest - Election and Pre-existant Being

The professor and I in this show speak about how Christ knew us before the foundations of the world and how our part in the Angel wars led to our election and specific circumstances of our birth here into the flesh.
Zen García

Hello Professor Truth
My name is X and I have been listening to Zen Garcia for some months now.  My desire to know Truth has accelerated immensely.  Through Zen's video's I have found you also.  I have been devouring your messages.
I have a serious question I hope you can help me with.  I have a burning desire to know which blood group I belong too. Am I a fallen angel (Adam) or am I from the Ha'Adam bloodline.  Is there a way of knowing.  I have prayed about this to the Father and thus am writing to you. 

I previously thought that we were all fallen angels who sat on the fence during the war in heaven and thus were sent here to have a chance to redeem ourselves and return to our first estate, but having listened to you explain the four bloodlines I am now not so sure.  Do you have specific teachings on the 144,000 as this is something else I am drawn to understand. 

I would appreciate knowing any thoughts you may have which may help me to understand my calling a little better.

God Bless and Thank you.

Hi X, you are asking a very good question. The biggest challenge I have in explaining blood kind is people confuse it with blood type. But if you heard my talk on the four rivers out of Eden, these were blood kinds. Recently Zen Garcia did a show with Dr. Pigeon, and for the first time I heard somebody other than myself explaine that the spirit soul is a unified matrix of unity and IN THE BLOOD!  In other words, everything has spirit which is LIGHT, but not everything has a soul, such as a rock or a plant.

Dr. Pigeon, was the first to say that the soul and spirit were in the blood, which I have been saying for 15 years. For the record, I do not agree with everything that Dr. Pigeon stated in his interview, while there were many excellent points there were also some points I would differ on (as do all researchers in Yah, except CI (Christian Identity, the most unified TRUTH, because it is the TRUTH!)...

Pastor Eli James and his website as well as the interviews that I have done with him are probably the best place to start to understand which pedigree you may have. Christian identity in general only addresses the Genesis 3.15 two seed lines. Christian identity basically ignores the majority of people on the planet, however is a foundation to understanding all truth in the Scriptures. God is given both Zen Garcia and myself what Zen called Sky Fall, and what I call Angel Fall:http://angelfall.com

ALSO – There are High ranking Holy Angels among us (I think Zen is in this category)...  I call these “Volunteers” as Father has sent me more than 15 – many knew who and what they were and told me....  So even w the 4 rivers out of Eden being literal as well as allegorical association to the 4 root blood KINDS...  (Soul kinds), there are many other variations and combinations.  The bottom line is the temple has to be a fit extension for the KIND.  You can’t put a horse soul into a Deer “temple”... using an extreme example...

This was a very good recent interview w Eli and Pastor Steve discussing how God’s law of Kind after Kind is natural...  WARNING, in this talk Pastor Steve (a Hebrew and Greek expert) is polite, even I am offended with his derogatory debasement of those less fortunate on some of his other talks.... his facts are impeccable, but his mannors at times even offend me... CI 101 pt2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhJ0fmmJAx8&t=3s

I like to say that I am the glue, or A+ B equals C. Now to your question, 100% of the Genesis 2.7 Ha Adam will be white Aryan Caucasian, however not all white people are Genesis 2.7 Ha Adam. It truly is tracing your paternal lineage back through your father to one of the 12 tribes of Jacob Isaac. In my case for example, my grandfather was directly from Saxon Germany and my mother was from Ireland and England. But it is really your father’s blood kind that matters, and I do not mean blood type.

It gets a bit complicated unless you understand quantum physics, (as Scalar Fields in Quantum Space Entangle) but the Ha Adam will be what is often called thoroughbreds, of pure bloodline dissent. It is my role apparently to give hope to those that are not of the purebred Ha Adam lineages. In this context, it was God’s mercy upon the other nations to allow the dispersion of the 12 tribes into all nations by which through interbreeding many now have the blood of Adam in a temple, or container, which the Bible calls a mixed multitude. While these vessels are not suitable for a Ha Adam, they are suitable for the angel spirits of the rebellion.

The war is against the bloodlines of Adam. In addition, the Father loves his Angel spirits also as children, but they will not be the inheritors only given redemptive opportunity to return to whatever they were prior to incarnation. If you fall in this group it is not a bad thing! In fact, to be redeemed up to the Kingdom of God in any form will be glorious beyond our comprehension.

The best way to think about this is in roles. The begotten Genesis 2.7 Ha Adam are to be the light to the fallen world, sadly as in the Old Testament few overcome and they themselves get blotted out of the book of life. A few indicators of being a Genesis 2.7 Ha Adam, would be to show blood in the face, or being Caucasian white with blood showing through the face (which is the meaning of Adam in Hebrew anyway). Another indicator, would be your “fruits”.

Of course, the primary indicator, is your paternal bloodline. I hope this helps a little bit. Below I have listed some links for further study. In TRUTH,  Professor Truth

PT Sound Cloud – TGI Series: https://soundcloud.com/truthwchrist/sets

Pastor Eli James Website: http://www.anglo-saxonisrael.com

This is Excellent – The Enmity Series by Pastor Eli James:

Professor Truth’s Channels

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