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CONVERSION - God's Transhumanism w/Anthony Patch

In this episode of The Anthony Patch show, Anthony & his special guest Kathleen get into conversion & how to open your heart to Jesus Christ. Let this be your "come to Jesus" moment before its too late!

Kathleen is very good, and Anthony is God’s servant…  (note a few of his guests wear ALL BLACK routinely-see attached) but all women (and men) who have been “Churched” are not receptive to Christian Identity…they FEEL ALL are called (universalism), plus her catholic (universal) background would be hard to deprogram …  her testimony w Anthony is sufficient – hopefully Anthony will have her back!  FEW understand who Israel is (and has always been – God does not change)

Even though she does understand “Chosen” I am SURE it is in the context of God choosing us (correct) and not as in a peculiar people (Christian Identity)….  (1Pet 2.9).

I was going to write to pastor Riggs – If by Presidential decree (executive order), Trump renamed the state of Texas to “Israel” and then allowed all Muslim immigrants to have “Israel” (formerly Texas/Palestine) as their location of refuge in the United States, in the state now called “Israel”…  would they become the Chosen Israel of God!

God did not rename Palestine to “Israel” Satan did by the Rothchild’s (Bauer’s)…Serpent Seed!  - God did name Ami Rica “Israel” (My People)…!!!  (Kingdom of my People).  Other teachings we showed the WORD Israel has ALWAYS meant “men of God who OVERCOME and RULE with the Most High God” (To rule with YHWH as “elohim” with YHWH)…  This excludes 98% of the Global population!  (hope for them comes from John 17.20 IF they listen to the Elect (True Biblical Israel)…SO it seems CRITICAL to KNOW who ISRAEL really is!!!   The dividing line….between Wheat n Chaff (Chaff counted w the Tares).

That is what has happened in Palestine…  THEY (serpent seed – literal “sperma” offspring of the Nachash (fallen angel/Lucifer) ) renamed Palestine to “Israel” allowed (by John Hercanus) to have the cursed Edomites/Idumeans  (Obidiah) to occupy along w Askenazi and other NON Isaac son’s… and tell you they are true Biblical Israel – This truly is the Great Impersonation AND the true STRONG DELUSION that deceives the whole world (Rev 9)… The Beast!

True Biblical Israel:

Judah + Idumean = Judean – who teach the Talmud NOT the Torah!   - 99% of them….   So would we call Islamic Muslims in Texas – renamed to “Israel” God’s Chosen People!  - The Church would and bas eit on the 606/608 BC date of Judah’s dispersion (fulfilling Mystery Babylon’s regathering in today’s Israel), and Ignore the 10 + 2 northern Tribe Dispersion in 745 BC regathered in Ami Rex (Rica) Kingdom of My People (America) fulfilling TO THE DAY a nation shall be gathered in OND+E DAY – July 4th 1776… Daniels true 7 x 7 prophecy!

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