sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

PLANET 7X SUMMER 2017 UPDATE Gill Broussard with Alex Backman

THIS IS A DEFINITE MUST-WATCH Alex Backman interviews independent researcher and amateur astronomer Gill P Broussard with regards to Planet 7X. This an extremely important update with regard to Xs location, prophetic implications and a recurring wake-up call to all those that hear the truth bells ringing. Alex and Gill dispel the myths around the unsubstantiated euphoria spewing out from all those 'Nibiru-loving, Planet-12-fantazisers and Anunnaki-believing Sitchinites’ and other world-enders that are wildly spreading disinformation about Planet X. Gill Broussard sets them straight in this riveting hard-hitting Planet 7X Summer Update with Alex Backman!

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