domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

“Message From God” Warning Throws Western Elites Into Absolute ...Terror

The link below describes a recent Bilderberg or meeting where an alleged document stated at the very end a message produced by the CERN hadron collider. It stated you have been weighed in the balance and found guilty. The wording is slightly different so you have to listen to it. But the most profound aspects of this document described at the moment of conception when a sperm and egg meet a spark is produced and an atomic particle of unknown origin splits, part remaining in the child and the other part quantum entangling into the dimensional domains of the heavens.

It goes on to describe, that in quantum physics this is called spooky action at a distance, it is also the method by which by our own thoughts we can heal ourselves even regenerate our genetics through prayer.  The Professor has called this being in the ZONE! – what this leaves out is that ONLY those Born from Above (by God) will have this “spark”.  From my research w Pastor Riggs on Nephilim Mother’s – the children did not have a a splitting of the quantum “spark”...  they were born from below.  The “PTB” have not been able to “CLONE” the God Particle as they call it, in their “clones”.  So they remain Soul-less, and dead in spirit (not connected to YHWH).
The professor

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