domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

We are The Remnant. Dumbing Down Has Worked.

Said to say it, but everytime Im forced to intermingle with the usual grazing sheep Im stunned by how effectivly thier dumbing down campaign has worked. Were ALONE we are the REMNANT.

This Explains Everything – Recall The Professor looks for many signs – one is “genuine joy”...Richie from Bostan says the same thing.  AND TV is the main culprit!
 – you will relate to what we have been observing at “The Company”....    Stupor – Stupified....
I am sure they are modulating the signal in the computers also..   BUT TV is worse (for now)... The ONLY protection is to be counted worth to have God command His Angels to SEAL you...   and this requires loving Truth not doctrines of men and Judeo fables...  

The professor

This entire thing fell right into my lap like so mant topics have, Television,cellphones laptops and cell phone towers are ALL working in unison to dumb down the population and worse. 

El siguiente vídeo es realmente increíble, de una forma totalmente abierta y descarada este comercial te muestra cómo gracias a las enormes cantidades de horas que pasamos frente a los televisores, computadoras y teléfonos entregamos voluntariamente nuestra voluntad y absorvemos todo tipo de basura que Hollywood promocione.

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