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THE GREAT CONTEST Episode 2 - "Species Conflict" - "Kinds of Man" - mp3 Soundcloud

THE GREAT CONTEST Episode 2 – “Species Conflict” – “Kinds of Man”

THE GREAT CONTEST (TGC) is a Show expounding on the book Trilogy by the same name written by Zen Garcia. Professor Truth adds from his gifting as a pure Elect bloodline of Judah, and experience/education in Quantum Mechanics and aspects of the "Alien Agenda" This is TGC-2 where we are expounding on the different types of Man-kind and adding background to the Anti-deluvian age.
Professor Truth also does shows on Christian Israel on his TGI - "The Great Impersonation" series w Pastor Eli James. The Big Picture includes CI Plus, Angelfall, or both shows TGI _ TGC.
TGC - The Trilogy starts with book 1: The Angelic Rebellion, and book 2: Enmity Between the Seedlines, and book 3: is still in work but will focus on the Final Conflict between the Sons of Adam and the Sons of Belial in our modern times we call The New World Order.
Postings of these teachings will be on both Zen's various venues and those of Professor Truth. Books can be purchased from SacredWordPublishing.net _ www.sacredwordpublishing.net
VIDEO's are posted with additional supporting materials on You Tube: TruthwChrist: www.youtube.com/user/TruthwChrist
Endeavor Freedom: 

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