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World War Is Coming In The Fall Of 2018, READ AND GET PREPARED;

This is a good article.  COL SC and I know Benjamin Baruch very well.  He is a tad dispensational, (but a prophetic gifting – bloodline of Isaac Son’s) but I see in this article in reference to the 1948 date – he does not mention the FALSE fulfillment of Israel secular at all – well done Benjamin.  Baruch has a gift of prophecy, and this article lines up w what a Teacher David E is teaching as well as what is contained in II Esdras which Pastor Steve and Pastor Eli are currently teaching.  Sept 23rd 2017 – The Flag Went up – to BOTH sides,  The Messiah is returning – IT HAS BEGUN!

As David E told me when the second Eclipse crosses Ami-Rex….  That will either be the end of Trib and the start of the Day of the Lord, or – THE END as Planet X will have passed by and well – you don’t want to be here.  NOW – There is a future, and I do not want you to confuse this w the false teachings on a future 1000 years (that prophecy has already been fulfilled!),  The Future is THE KINGDOM ON EARTH.  Remember the “Lord’s Prayer”, on EARTH as it is in Heaven”. – and Jesus saying “The Kingdom is within you!....   We indeed live in exciting Times!

The Professor

Note Albert Pike – the head of Freemasonry in America, predicted (scripted) the plan for all three world wars almost 150 years ago!!!

Benjamin Baruch

The following article presents insight into the timing of World War III, an event which will occur in our near future. This is not a prophecy regarding the timing of the next Great War; rather this article presents a wealth of information which leads to only one compelling conclusion.

Our nation has never been ready to fight a nuclear war; in fact we have never prepared for one either. America has no bomb-shelters, no civil defense education, no war preparation drills. Rather America relies upon a single defensive strategy against the threat of nuclear war – the theory of mutually assured destruction, known by its acronym, MAD. Americans were taught to dismiss any threat of war because anyone who would attack us would face certain annihilation. Thus the risk of America being attacked was reduced to impossibility.
The American people were assured there is no real threat to America – and so the thought of a nuclear war was dismissed out of hand. No one stops to consider that America’s only defense against a nuclear war continues to be based upon a relic theory from the Cold War era. When this theory is examined in light of modern military weapons and the changing balance of power in today’s world, the MAD theory could be better described as ‘insane’.
North Korea publicly broadcasts their intention to turn America into a heap of “ash and rubble.” The same chorus of death is heard throughout Islamic nations. Our enemies talk constantly about our destruction as their people chant “Death to America.” There is nobody in the US shouting “Death to Iran” or “Death to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” Yet America is portrayed as an aggressor within the propaganda of these rogue regimes. Why? In order to justify the coming war against us; and that much should be obvious.

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