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Mi Esposa NO es mi esposa original

Programa de Reemplazo autorizado por El Padre y el efecto Mandela

- No estoy diciendo que estoy en lo cierto - pero él  Padre  me dio un mensaje claro en 2011 (7 julio)  "he autorizado al adversario para iniciar el "Programa de Reemplazo". Sé  los que pertenecen a mí y han respondido a mi llamado, conozco los que lo van a hacer, estoy dibujando una línea y desde este punto en adelante - no hay más "Gracia", se acabó el tiempo, los que han rechazado a  mi Hijo me han rechazado, y  serán  reemplazados…

Veo todo los burlones,  discutiendo,  estos son recipientes vacíos controlados por IA (Inteligencia Artificial) o un demonio. No oren por ellos - no son recuperables.

Lo que veo  muy triste – son los verdaderos hermanos que serán borrados porque siguen  doctrinas de hombres y fábulas judías - que han cambiado la PALABRA (Word) de Dios (Apocalipsis 22/23) y amando las mentiras  es la causa que serán borrados (Libro de la Vida) - Estoy escribiendo esto breve.

Habrá  literalmente 144 mil  y unas cuantas almas de "ángel" -muy pocos - es mi suposición de que alrededor del 99% de todas las "personas" no van a terminar  con el  Padre en la eternidad...  pero todos ellos creen que lo harán!
Estamos en el final y tan pocos lo lograrán, menos del 1% de los no-144 mil.

 Estamos en el 7º (séptimo) y último ciclo, todas las almas han sido enviadas aquí por el encarcelamiento o entrenamiento (planeta prisión)  – TELESTAI –
Estamos más allá de enseñar, ya ha pasado el tiempo de la enseñanza...

Es mucho peor que lo que cualquiera pueda imaginar. Usted está aquí (la mayoría de ustedes), ya que se rebelaron contra el Padre en el cielo ANTES de la encarnación (no re encarnación sino pre existencia), algunos de ustedes están aquí  como "ayudantes"  Voluntarios y  Electos engendrados que serán la luz y el juicio a este malvado mundo.

Si las personas no están pensando en Jesucristo CADA MOMENTO QUE DESPIERTA - es probable – que ellos serán “just emotional casualties of war” 

Ellos le tienen que dar una explicación "científica"

Tenga en cuenta estas dos historias verdaderas:
Una mujer de 37 años de edad, entró en la oficina de Carol Berman, psiquiatra de Nueva York University Medical Center, con una extraña queja. Ella había regresado a su casa recientemente para encontrar a un hombre sentado en su sofá. Estaba familiarizado, más o menos, y que llevaba puesta la ropa de su marido. Pero había algo con lo que  esta mujer no se sentía bien. Ella sintió una extraña especie de vacío cuando lo miraba a él. Le llamó la atención en sentido muy profundo de que su marido de alguna manera había sido sustituido por este hombre extraño.

Una estudiante de la Universidad de California, San Diego fue gravemente herida en un accidente de coche. Después de varias semanas en coma, recuperó la conciencia y parecía estar  recuperándose. Pero de acuerdo con V.S. Ramachandran, neurocientífico de la Universidad, cuando la madre de la paciente fue a verla, exclamó: "¿Quién es esta mujer? Ella se parece a mi madre, pero ella es una impostora! Ella es otra mujer que finge ser mi madre."

I haven't told anyone at all... But I have believed my husband was switched out In less than a year of being married. It was traumatic for me one day to wake to a very different person, even his laugh changed and certain inflections were bizarre. We have been married for over 8 years now and I've never said a word. But it's incredibly painful when I talk about when we were dating and the first year and he looks at me like I'm insane.
I had a personal experience with an ex friend that I couldn't explain until possibly now!Mark and I were really good friends who worked together for three years, I have texts from him saying that I'm his best friend ,he referred me to his school director, really wanted me to go to the same school, anyway, one day after all of those texts. I invited him to a concert along with a mutual friend we had together, and he(Mark) totally flipped, like I didn't even know him anymore, it didn't make sense and we have a friendship history, he all of a sudden no longer wanted to be friends and for no particular reason, just because I suppose, it was such a strange thing to me that i couldn't let it go for a while, I kept his texts to prove how weird this flip was and discussed it with other friends, I guess he's in another reality...

bingo!!!!! YES!!!! I have been reporting on the subject of Mandela Effects for over a year now, and my partner and I have seen MULTIPLE times this switch in the timelines. (so to speak) and Yes this cross over of people. My partner and I have coined the term our "Primes" and our "sub primes". Primes= the person we are usually with (for lack of a better terminology) and Sub-primes= an alternate person from a different reality/timeline/dimension/fractal. Some of the differences between primes and subprimes are radical (ie: ketchup and no ketchup) and some of just slight variations- where memories are ALMOST the same, but off slightly. This past 3 months I've seen the primes/sub primes flickering back and forth - and these changes seem to be getting much more often and quicker.

"I am one of the original M.E. sufferers at least in the reality that I was in. In 1990 when Mandela was let out of prison I was flipping out because I absolutely remembered him dying in prison from a heart attack. I remember all the media coverage up to and including his funeral. It went on for over a week, maybe close to two weeks. I was sick of seeing it. From 1990 until June 1st 2016 I heard of maybe 3 or 4 other people that remembered what I remembered and other than that it was a total non issue. Then on June 1st 2016 that all changed for me. All of a sudden my reality changed and M.E. was everywhere on the internet and it had a name for the first time. In this reality the name was coined all the way back in 2005. Definitely not true in the reality I come from. In mid May 2016 Bragg was still Bragg's where I was. Australia was further South and East from where it is in this reality. It has always been a lot closer to NZ with NZ being vertical with only a small part of it slightly South of Australia. Following is my own personal best example of M.E. and there are plenty of others. I bought a house that had an extension added to the back side. There was an old sidewalk leading up to the extension where there was no door. The sidewalk was listed in the engineer's report that I had done prior to purchase. I walked over that sidewalk many times. Then one day the sidewalk was no longer there. It was no longer in the engineer's report either. So I asked my nextdoor neighbor that had lived next door for the last 25 years about the sidewalk while describing it to him. He not only said that the sidewalk used to be there, that I had described it perfectly and that it had been tore out 15 years earlier when the extension was added. The Inuit Indians are claiming that the Sun no longer rises or sets in the same position and the Moon is different as well. I thought that was crazy because it had not changed in my reality. And I am one that would know if it had. But now I realize that it is different for them and they are remembering even a different reality. There must be multiple earths. And I have made multiple jumps. On all the previous earths that I have been on except for the last couple the KJV was the same as I had always known. Then about 4 or 5 years ago. Some passages were different. There was a pet teaching of mine that I would share with people and I always turned right to the passages as needed to show people. Then one day I was explaining that teaching to someone but when I turned to that scripture it was different and I felt like a fool. Since then I have found that the knowledge is still preserved in the KJV, only in different places. Then June 1st 2016 a whole lot more changes became evident. I can only conclude that I arrived in this reality on or shortly before June 1st. M.E. is real. That much I know. And cannot be caused by CERN as it goes back further than CERN. It is not time travel effects because time travel cannot change geography. It is possible that there is some kind of psyop going on that is leveraging M.E. either to discredit it or co opt it for nefarious reasons. That is hard to distinguish. And some examples of M.E. might just be grabbing at straws combined with poor memory. However, in my final analysis due to the mass number of M.E. experiencers arriving here on this earth I can only conclude that there is a major gathering taking place. I hope this helps in some way for both sides of the debate." "The term "this world" appears 33 times in the KJV. That strongly implies that there are many worlds. A few are in context of the new world that is to come. That's two. Jesus kingdom is not of this world. Assuming that he has a kingdom now and it's not yet on the new world that is to come, that's three. And considering his angels are going to gather his elect from one end of heaven to the other (happening now according to M.E.), that's many. The ancients did not view the earth as a sphere with a name. The earth is the ground man walks on. With that in mind. Genesis 11:9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. Not, 'and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of the earth.' But it says, "the face of all the earth". From one end of heaven to the other. There are multiple earths."

I've noticed that my mother isn't the same woman I grew up with. I was saying that before I even knew about the Mandela effect. but now I understand why and I wasn't just going nuts.

well when I had my 1st son...I found out I was A-B negative blood...and I remember questioning it because my mother was A+ and my dad O- ....well I just found out that I'm now A-.......strange but what's gets even stranger is my dad is now O+ and moms passed away so I'm not sure.....weird....

I can see your comment asking if my blood type changed too in my youtube and Gmail notifications, but not here in the comments section. Weird. Anyway, I didn't find out til I was pregnant with my oldest daughter 11 or so years ago what my blood type was. Because it was negative they wanted me to get one of those rhogam shots. I had my 2nd daughter last year and am still A-. I used to read abovetopsecret.com alot (we were discussing world map/Australia changes and a few other things on there in 2010); anyway, I saw in a couple of threads on there where people had said they're blood types had changed. Not in the same thread as the map changes. I only brought that up because I thought some might like to look back at that research there. I think they were talking about it in threads regarding Rh- people.

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