jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Deported to Tijuana: strangers in their own land

Taken to the US as children, many of the Mexican deportees who arrive back in Tijuana think of themselves as Americans.

Banned from the country where they have spent most of their lives, and rejected by their country of birth, the deported are a community that lives on the edge. Just a few paces from the US-Mexico border, the world they enter is entirely alien to the world they left.

With over 200 new arrivals daily, unable to get a job in a town plagued by drugs, murder and organized crime, many of the deported turn to violence and narcotics, lengthening their downward spiral into depths they never thought possible.

InFocus heads to Tijuana for a better look at the border, sees the help and dangers that affect the deported community, and asks the question: How do they survive as strangers in their own land?

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