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Las logias Masónicas: Los Mil Puntos de Luz

17 Porque nada hay oculto, que no haya de ser manifestado; ni escondido, que no haya de ser conocido, y de salir a luz.
Lucas 8:17

Y nada hay encubierto que no haya de ser revelado, ni oculto que no haya de saberse. Por lo cual, todo lo que habéis dicho en la oscuridad se oirá a la luz, y lo que habéis susurrado en las habitaciones interiores, será proclamado desde las azoteas.
Lucas 12:2-3

I have known about this. I have known since I was three years old that Lucifer had a "chosen one", a chosen "light bearer" in the organization who would make a public speech near the year 2000 to introduce some of our esoteric words to the world to make them "exoteric". I was told why this would be done and what it meant to all of us in the organization. When G.W. Bush gave his now famous "New World Order Speech", I knew exactly what he was doing and why. 

I have a few articles where I have written about this. Here are the titles and links:

The Plan (Posted on HenryMakow.com)

- Carolyn Hamlett - 

Carolyn (author) said (August 28, 2012):

On the question regarding my ability to comprehend what I claim to have known at 4 years of age; it is absolutely true that I was capable of understanding much more than the average child. Has anyone ever heard of a child prodigy? Genius and above average intelligence is the norm in my family line, as was clairvoyant abilities, so when I demonstrated being gifted in both of these areas at a very early age, I was chosen at that time to be trained and used in the both the supernatural and the physical divisions of the organization.

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