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Pastor Eli James w Professor Truth - 4th of July - FREEDOM

Rev. 12:7... And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

Pastor Eli James w Professor Truth - 4th of July - FREEDOM

Q: Question - can anyone outside the 12 tribes of Israel be saved by what Yeshua did on the cross? Thank you in advance.

A: The answer is YES but the correct word is Redeemed if you mean eternal restoration. I Teach CI "Plus" which is NOT Universalism. In Gen 1.26 the Elohim MADE "fit extensions" bodies/temples for their KIND. The word is Adam and means shows blood in the face. BUT the LIFE or Spirit is only suitable with it's KIND, that is why RH+ and RH- do not produce a living child without a Doctors intervention.

Here is the confusion, people do not understand the difference between blood TYPE (O-, A+ etc) and blood KIND (God Code Life). These Pre G2.7 Adam Kinds then bred into the populations and since not a drop of the Mother's blood passes through the fetus, but the fetus get's it's blood KIND from the Father, then over time we have a world (Pre Ha Adam) with bodies suitable to host the angel souls, This is taught on LATER, in G2.7 Father Yahweh FORMED from the dust (elements) and breathed His Own LIVING SPIRIT. These are the Ha Adam that CI is teaching. CI teaches about two of the four KINDS, basically Genesis 3.15 literally - and I agree 100%. They pretty much ignore the vessels of common use Scripture discusses in Rom 9.21, 2Tim 2.20. Angelfall lumps all three vessels in these verses into one group and just makes a cursory claim, not everyone makes it. There were 4 rivers out of Eden these are your 4 root "races" by Blood KIND. The "Edomite race are Alien Hybrids and their offspring - also in all nations by Paternal lineage are the Tares.

Pure CI only addresses the Vessels of honor (Israel - the 13 Tribes) and the Tares... The majority on this planet do not fit into these groups and would be called in Gen 1.24/25 "Beasts of the Field) also referenced in Joel. Well Rev 12 There was War in heaven produced a lot of POW's, and not all were ring leaders, some just doing their job or fence sitters. God allows these "angels" (not Ha Adam), to have parole opportunity into a fit extension - the Adam KIND mixed into all nations. NOW one would need to be not infected by the Serpent Seed. In other words these adamites of G1.26 could not marry a serpent seed pre-Ha Adam woman. So in actuality there are likely over the 7 ages of time just enough containers for the number of angels God will have mercy upon. The MAJORITY of hue-mans (men of color) are NOT anything more than "Beasts of the Field" and not a suitable fit extension for any Spirit from above. This concept is in the Gospel of John, Born from above or born from below.

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