miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

El Falso Cristo Presentado al Mundo

I agree with the person speaking in the video. 

Another significant point is that women as mothers are life givers and nurturers. A Godly mother's love for her child can be one of the strongest types of love. 

Consider how evil Satan is. I know there is nothing more evil than Satan, but I have thought that if Satan was a woman, Satan would be even more evil than he is as a male. The opposite of a Godly woman and mother is a monster who hates all babies including her own and delights and gets power from the murder of all that is pure and innocent. (The one who births new life and who is a nurturer becomes the cold hearted murderer.) It it hard for me to explain what I mean. Just seems to me that if Satan was a woman, that he/she would be even more evil that he is now...even though we know there is nothing more evil than Satan. 

- Carolyn Hamlett -

My understanding is the Arch Angels and most angels are androgynous – both male and female attributes…  The FALLEN Watchers took on Male bodies…   and most “Angelic” experiences involve seeing Male “angels”, but the Light body is sexless as far as I know??  There are different “Dimensions” of heaven… and Spiritual beings can choose to stay in lower “heavenly dimensions and take on male or female…  THE WATCHERS and ELOHIM have Tera Formed many civilizations throughout the Galaxies and the life forms on many are human w both male and female… now these would be Chey…  2 legged “beasts” of the field…not Adam or Ha Adam.  Earth was reserved for adam and Ha Adam.  But there are various life forms throughout the Cosmos which does not by the way have ANY FLAT planets! (including earth).

So Lucifer could have the feminine attributes Carolyn alludes to – along with the male…
- The Professor -

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