miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

The Caucasian people are the Israel of the Bible.

Historian, archeologist, Egyptologist, linguist, and university professor E. Raymond CAPT makes a brilliant exposé on the origins of the European Peoples and Nations, their common Scythian/Caucasian ancestors, and link them to the Adamic Aryan Race, the ancient Hebrews later named "Israel".

Jesus is absolutely clear that the Covenants are made exclusively to the flesh and blood people of Israel (Matt. 13:10-17; 15:24).  And the Bible is absolutely clear that Edomites do not get saved, as they are the children of their father the devil, and they will be burned to crisp, not saved (Matt. 13:34-43)..  These are flesh and blood issues.  I am afraid that anyone who denies this does not understand the Bible and is liable to the same punishment as the tares.

Discussion encouraged.
Pastor Eli James

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